Classroom Innovation Grant


Each applicant must be:

  • Actively employed as a teacher by the Wenatchee School District (WSD).
  • Endorsed by their supervisor for the project.


Qualified applicants should read and comprehend all instructions. Applications and reports must be submitted online via the web site by deadlines indicated. Upon Submission of application, the applicant will be bound by its contents. In the event the district technology committee accepts the application, the applicant will fully comply with the conditions detailed below:

  • project creatively engages students and directly relates to curriculum.
  • General Information, Eligibility & Conditions, Important Dates & FAQ’s are fully understood and accepted.
  • Only one application is permitted per person/group for each grant cycle.
  • Budget items are integral in supporting the project. Budget items should not include: teacher release time, substitute teachers, expenses incurred before approval, after school programs, or non-academic items. Each grantee will receive up to $700.00 individual and up to $3000.00 for a collaborative grant to support their project.  All applications with amounts beyond award will be thrown out.
  • The applicant is willing and prepared to initiate and complete all work outlined in their Wenatchee Innovation Grant description within the applicable time frame.
  • The applicant is willing and prepared to provide the district technology committee an online completion report documenting project status and successes along with the final report. This report will be some simple data collection via an online form, currently plan for asking (How many students effected, Qualitative data on results, if applicable quantitative data on results)
  • The applicant is willing and prepared to appear at at least one district technology committee event to present their project.
  • The applicant will attend our Annual Technology Showcase date at the end of the school year.
  • If the applicant does not comply with the conditions of this program, the applicant will be required to return any funded equipment to the district for re-allocation.
  • The applicant understands that any non-compliance with terms and conditions of this grant will render the applicant ineligible for future grant applications.
  • The applicant has full support their supervisor for this project application and its implementation.