Message from our Principal

December 2017

I sincerely hope this article finds you and your family well.  All of us at Washington are extremely grateful for each of you who make certain that students are coming to school on time ready to learn.
On December 12th we will be sending report cards home with your child.  It is our hope this proves to be meaningful communication about your child’s progress.  The report card should provide a clear picture about the specific knowledge, skills and dispositions your child is expected to acquire in each subject area and where your child is in relationship to Common Core State Standards.
As a school community, we are very much aware of the complexities of the 21st century family.  Due to a variety of reasons, time is often at a premium, which does not allow as much communication with the school as you would like and therefore you trust the school to keep your child safe and ensure they are learning. 
The question before us is: How can we increase regular, meaningful two-way communication between home and school?  When this exists you become more aware of your child’s progress, have a stronger belief in your ability to influence your child’s learning and become more involved in that learning.
There are four critical questions that parents should be asking our school:
  1. What is it that you want my child to learn?
  2. How do you know if my child is learning what you want them to learn?
  3. How are you responding if my child is not learning?
  4. How are you responding if my child already has the knowledge and skills?
When you receive your child’s report card, I hope you look deeply into its contents and be sure to ask
your child’s teacher any question you may have.  You can call to set an appointment or email questions.  Washington Elementary School is working to ensure that we have the answers you need to work in partnership with us to help each student to achieve at high levels.
Please feel free to call or email me should you have any questions or concerns.
In Partnership,
Keith Collins