2017/2018 Registration Process

Registration for the following school year takes place in late winter and early spring.  Registration is conducted through the student's Skyward account in late April or May.  Essentially, this is a two-step process.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact your student's counselor. (Schedules are created separately for incoming 8th graders)


Click here to view the WHS Registartion Presentation

Click here to watch a scheduling tutorial


                    Student Communication of Course Requests                             February/March
           (Communicated to counselor in English or history class)

                    Student Initiated Request Changes/                                              March
                    Development of Master Schedule

                     Proposed Registration Windows
                    (Registration windows open on Monday at 8 am and closes on Wednesday at midnight)
                                Current Juniors                                                                   May    8 - 10
                                Current Sophomores                                                          May   15 - 17
                                Current Freshmen                                                               May   22 - 24

                    Student Initiated Schedule Corrections/Changes                       June 9-13 /Aug 17-25
                    Proposed Dates
                                         (Students submit Schedule Change Request Form in the Counseling Office)

Step 1  (Requests)

In February and early March, students communicate their requests in writing during their English or History class.  Counselors confirm that students request eight classes that they both need and want.  At this time, students also request several alternate courses.  Students may adjust these requests by communicating with Counseling Office staff before Spring Break.

Step 2 (Registration)

During their registration window in late April or May, students log into Skyward through their student account, to build their schedule.  Students must know their Skyward login ID and password to register.  This information may be obtained through the counseling office.  

Only classes requested in Step 1 are available for creating a schedule, so students should select requests carefully in Step 1.  In Step 2 students see which period their requested classes are offered and build a class schedule.  The master schedule will be available online the week prior to registration to assist planning.

During the registration windows, counselors are available in the library and counseling office each day to assist students.  

Counselors check each schedule after each window closes to make sure schedules are  complete and appropriate.

PLEASE NOTE: A video explaining the scheduling process will be available on the high school’s website prior to the registration windows and will be shown in class.

Wenatchee High School does not allow students to request specific teachers.

Students who choose not to create their schedule will have a schedule created for them.