Charitable Giving & Sponsorship

Charitable giving and sponsorship opportunities for businesses/organizations

The Wenatchee School District appreciates the generosity of individuals and organizations in our community that donate through financial assistance, supplies or equipment to extend or enhance education in our District. School policy ensure that donations are managed in a way that is consistent the goals of the District and are legally compliant. 

If you are interested in making a donation to the Wenatchee School District please contact

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Wenatchee Learns Coordinato

The Wenatchee School District accepts donations in the following ways.

Real Property
Any gift or donation to the District of real property can be accepted only upon School Board approval. Real property includes land, all buildings, structures or improvements or fixtures affixed to the property

Cash Value
Any gift or donation to the District of money, securities or other financial assets, materials, or equipment having a reasonably estimated dollar value of $10,000 or greater is subject to board approval. Acceptance of gifts or donations with a lesser dollar value shall be at the discretion of the Superintendent.

Equipment and Materials
Equipment and materials which are offered for donation to the District (or offered for temporary use) shall be reviewed by District staff to confirm its suitability and durability, and specifically to identify any possible health or safety hazards. Donated playground equipment or similar equipment that will be utilized by students must be reviewed by the Superintendent's office before acceptance.

Terms of Acceptance Any gift or donation presented to the District shall satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • The purpose or use shall be consistent with philosophy and programs of the District;
  • The District shall not assume a disproportionate or burdensome financial obligations for installation, maintenance, and operation;
  • Any materials/equipment shall be free from health and/or safety hazards;
  • The donation shall be free from direct or implied commercial endorsement
  • In no event shall any commitment be made by a staff member or other individual in return for any gift to the District without the Board's prior authorization;
  • The Board shall not authorize the receipt of gifts or donation that are inappropriate (as determined by the Board), which carry with then unsuitable conditions, or which shall obligate the District to further expenditures from District funds which are out of proportion to the value or the gift and;
  • All gifts shall become District property and shall be accepted without obligation relative to use and/or disposal

Legal Compliance
The District shall comply with all legal and regulatory requirements for the acceptance and use of gifts and donations. For donations to be used in or related to capital projects, construction, or other procurement activities, the District shall ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations  for those activities

RCW 28A.320.030 Gifts, conveyances, etc., for scholarship and student aid purposes, receipt and administration
RCW 84.04.090 Real Property

Wenatchee School District Policy No. 6114