Middle School Challenge

CAVEAT:  What follows is current or past practice, but due to changes in WACs may be changing in the future (or already has , depending on school).  Changes will focus more on professional development for cluster teachers so they can better serve gifted students in their classes on a daily basis.  It will also include academically advanced opportunities for students such as Knowledge Bowl, Math is Cool, science contests, etc.

Foothills Middle School: Falcon Flyers

Orchard Middle School: Bulldog Challenge

Pioneer Middle School: Pioneer Challenge

Although the Challenge Program is slightly different in each of the three middle schools, the primary goals are the same:

  • Success in academics
  • Citizenship
  • Participation in school, community or family service
  • Participation in school or community activities and/or sports
  • Development of leadership skills
  • Career exploration

All middle school students are invited to participate in this challenging program. Besides the satisfaction of achieving high goals, some of the incentives are seminars, medals, trophies and field trips.

Each building offers seminars that inspire students to set goals for future achievements. Seminar topics may include: Programs at the Wenatchee High School in the Visual and Performing Arts, Clubs and Activities, Directed Study, and Preparing for Honors and Advanced Placement Classes.

Fun incentive activities abound, such as ice cream socials, pizza parties, or skating at Town Toyota Center.

Field trips are also a part of the Challenge Program. Students who complete the gold level of achievement will be able to go on a field trip that is educational and fun.

If you have additional questions about the Challenge Program in your school, please contact the principal in that building.