Classroom Innovation Grant

Timeline & FAQs


Tuesday 09/01/2017 Window 1 Online applications open
Friday 09/30/2017 Window 1 Online applications close
  October Window 1 Grant recipients announced
Saturday 06/1/2019 Showcase event (Website for Showcase)


Q.  Can I submit an application on behalf of a team of teachers?
A. Yes, Collaborative grants will be offered. If your group is applying for a collaborative grant, there will need to be a lead teacher listed on the application who will be held responsible for the project’s completion and fulfillment of the CIG program requirements.

Q. What are the best resources to use for novice grant applicants?
A. Novice applicants have reported that their best resources were their closest resources: principals, TRTs, and peers!

Q. Can I call in or mail in my application?
A. No, all applications must be made online via our web site. Similarly, CIG Final Reports will need to be completed online.

Q. Can I duplicate a previous project?
A. Yes, but the CIG application should be original and should not duplicate any other application submitted previously. If enough applications are available without awarding to repeat applications, the new applications will take priority. Keep in mind that one of the areas that readers will focus on is “innovation.” This program has been designed to support teachers filling student needs AND to encourage teachers to explore innovation in instruction, technology and learning.

Q. Do I have to complete my online application in one sitting?
A. No, you may submit your application in one sitting but we highly recommend drafting your application offline prior to beginning the online process. When you login with your WSD Google account it will allow you to return and finish where you left off. When our online link is live, you can easily copy and paste your text into your online application.