C.O.P.P.A. Compliance Websites and Forms

Welcome to our Child Online Protection and Privacy Act (COPPA) website for Wenatchee Schools.

This page will be updated as more tools are used in the classroom with our students.  COPPA is a law that protects the identity and sharing of information about our students that are under the age of 13.  Once a student is 13 or over COPPA does not itself provide protection of their information, but our teachers will make their best attempt to educate their students on digital citizenship and online sharing.

For students under the age of 13 we will sometimes use sites that could collect students names, emails, and other student information.  This site contains a list of the sites that we know are useful in the classroom and our teachers are wanting to use with students to improve their learning.  A permission letter should have been signed by a parent in order to for students to create accounts on these websites.  The list will be updated as new teaching tools evolve.

For non-commercial systems used strictly for education that do not advertise or collect student information, the COPPA law does not apply, but we encourage parents to know what tools their students might be using in class.  We will maintain a list of the most used sites with links for your review too.

Parent Permission Form for Teachers to Use

Parent Permission Needed for the following sites:

Site Description and/or Use Terms of Use and Privacy
No Red Ink Parent Letter TOS and Privacy Policy
EdPuzzle Parent Letter Parental Consent