English Language Arts Games

ABC Learning Time

ABC Learning Time is a game-based education site focused on basic reading and alphabet games. 


ABCya.com is the leader in free educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students to learn on the web. All children's educational computer activities were created or approved by certified school teachers. All educational games are free and are modeled from primary grade lessons and enhanced to provide an interactive way for children to learn. Grade level lessons incorporate areas such as math and language arts while introducing basic computer skills. Many of the kindergarten and first grade activities are equipped with sound to enhance understanding. 

Aesop's Fables

Thirteen of Aesop's Fables are animated here. Watch classics such as The Tortoise and the Hare, A Lesson for a Foolish Crow, and The Lion and the Mouse. Stories are illustrated with hand sewn patchwork tapestries inspired by the textile folk art of Africa, India and Peru. 


The Doctor's Cure is a game-based persuasive writing unit that positions players as protagonists in a game world where they must use their understanding of persuasive writing and how to gain evidence from complex texts in their role of investigative reporter. The game must be downloaded to the computer. (Provided by BMGF)

Children's Storybooks Online

Children's Storybooks Online seeks to combine education and entertainment to amuse and engage children's imaginations. There are riddles, mazes, coloring book pages and a page with children's links that have won Children's Storybooks Online Award for excellence. .


Help Clifford, The Big Red Dog find the buried treasure, explore the town or join in the big parade! This web site's educational focus, just as the TV show, is centered on Clifford's Big Ideas/Ideas to Grow On, and targets children between 3-7 years old. These ten important life lessons are: be a good friend; be kind; be responsible; be truthful; believe in yourself; have respect; help others; play fair; share; and work together.


At Cookie child experts and educators design interactive online games for kids. Our learning games for kids help in building skills needed for success in school. While playing our fun educational games, kids learn to read with phonics, build skills in math, language, social studies, science and much more. Our educational videos encourage children to keep learning, even after school hours.

Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat Typing is an introduction to touch typing for children 7-11 years old. Each of the 4 levels are divided into 3 stages. Begin at level 1 and build up your skills gradually through to level 4. When you can do it well, touch typing is the fastest way to write. Many people can soon learn to touch type faster than they can write with a pen. Worksheets are available for each stage than can be printed out and used offline with a typewriter or computer.

Fun Brain

Funbrain, created for kids ages preschool through grade 8, offers more than 100 fun, interactive games that develop skills in math, reading, and literacy.

Fun School

At Fun School, we make learning fun! Designed for kids preschool-6th grade, Fun School has games and activities for math, language, science, geography and history, sports, arts and music, along with fun printables like puzzles and coloring pages.

Grammar Blast

Have a blast with Grammar Blast! Answer 10 questions and earn up to 100 game points (grades 2-5).

Highlights Kids

Highlights Kids is the online connection for Highlights Magazine. With over a billion copies in print, Highlights has been helping children become their best selves for more than 65 years. Whether it is Hidden Pictures™, Goofus and Gallant™, the Timbertoes® or Puzzlemania®, Highlights helps your children enjoy reading, learning and thinking.

Language Guide to Español

Language Guide lets students practice their Spanish vocabulary and grammar.

Links to Literacy

North Central Regional Library’s Links to Literacy is the early literacy program that librarians throughout the NCRL branches use in their weekly story times. It is a program that teaches children the skills needed to begin to learn to read. 


MightyBook helps kids discover the joy of reading with hundreds of animated, read-aloud story books and songs that are as entertaining as they are educational. 

Online Audio Stories

Under a magic spell, these fables, fairy tales, ghost stories, audio book classics and kids poems are sleeping amongst the vaults of Online Audio Stories. Free them and reawaken the kingdom of short stories for kids and children books on audio. Discover whole new worlds with our vast list of great audio books & stories to read online. With a wonderful selection of short stories for kids and bedtime stories, our free online books are a delight, and will transport you to a place only you will ever know. A great way to learn English online, our stories come with translatable text and our audio stories with exquisite pronunciation. Downloadable Audio books online and digital storytelling is a truly modern way to bring an historical world to life through the ancient art of the oral tradition. So, holders of the key; open your ears, release your minds, inspire your imaginations! Blissful Bedtimes, Quiet Car Journeys, Sleepy Sunday mornings, Online Audio Stories.

Pandas' Earthquake Escape

Pandas' Earthquake Escape is a fictional story based on a real-life event. In real life, XiXi, a Giant panda did escape from the destroyed Wolong Panda Reserve when the 7.9 earthquake rocked Northern China on May 12, 2008. Author Phyllis Perry uses the adventures of a mother panda, LiLing, and her one year old cub, Tengfei, to teach children about earthquakes, animal survival, and to reinforce a mother's instinct to protect her child. After the quake, mother and cub run from the wreckage. Confused and afraid, they get lost! How will they survive outside their reserve? Will they find food? Will they find shelter? And will they safely endure the earthquake after-shocks? There is something to be learned from every natural disaster, and LiLing and Tengfei give children an opportunity to see it through their eyes. With the help of Susan Detwiler's vivid illustrations, author Phyllis Perry uses a factual event to teach children about earthquakes and animal survival.

PBS Kids

Visit PBS Kids for engaging, age-appropriate games from your favorite PBS Kids programs. There's also a field guide with activities that encourage children to explore the wonder of the world around them. The Birthday Parties page, the definitive guide to PBS Kids parties, has fun party ideas and activities too. 


Kids love Ken Nesbitt's hilarious poetry! At Poetry4Kids students can explore rollicking rhythms, playful rhymes, and mischievous twists; kids can't stop reading these poems. Explore poems about crazy characters, funny families, peculiar pets, comical creatures, along with games, books, videos and much, much more.

Quia Guide Words to the Stars

Play Quia's Guide Words to the Stars. In this game, you will test your dictionary skills for guide words all the way to the top!

RIF Reading Planet

Come be a part of Reading is Fundamental (RIF)'s Reading Planet! Aimed at children ages 5-15, it is updated weekly to offer an interactive community that encourages and supports reading and writing. Through the site, kids of all ages can join the free RIF Reading Planet Club; design their own homepage; find writing contests, reading games, activities and booklists.


Seussville, the official home of Dr. Seuss on the Web, is the place for children of all ages to play and learn with Dr. Seuss’s wonderfully whimsical books and classic characters. The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! and all of the Dr. Seuss books leap to life through interactive games and activities that will enrich each child’s reading experience.

Shel Silverstein Books

Shel Silverstein Books Channel on YouTube offers short animated versions of Shel Silverstein's works. 

Spanish Language – CONEVyT Digital Library

La Biblioteca Digital del CONEVyT pone a tu disposición los materiales necesarios para que complementes tus estudios de educación básica y media, e información de interés para tu trabajo y otros ámbitos de tu vida. 

Spelling Connections

Spelling Connections offers games and activities that are designed to build vocabulary, develop proofreading abilities, and improve speed and fluency in spelling. Each activity is available by grade level and unit. 


Starfall is a free website that focuses on teaching children to read with phonics. Their method of instruction motivates children in an atmosphere of imagination and enthusiasm, provides opportunities for child-directed instruction, and supports English language learners and struggling readers learning alongside their peers. 


Storybird is a new literacy tool for a new generation. Inspire your most reluctant writers and readers. They'll inspire you. Storybird uses collaborative storytelling to connect kids and families. Two (or more) people author a Storybird—one with words, one with pictures—and then share it with their network. The final product can be printed, watched on screen, played with like a toy, or shared through a worldwide library. It’s simple: someone starts a Storybird by writing a few words or grabbing a few images. Then the other person takes a turn, adding more words and pictures. In one or two turns they can finish and share a Storybird. It’s that easy. And they can do it sitting side-by-side or across the country from each other.

Storyline Online

Storyline Online is an online streaming video program featuring SAG members reading childrens books. Each book includes accompanying activities and lesson ideas.


The TumbleBookLibrary is a collection of TumbleBooks (animated, talking picture books) that are created from existing picture books. These books are licensed from children's book publishers and converted to the TumbleBook format.

Vocabulary Spelling City

Vocabulary Spelling City is an educational website with 25 different learning activities including spelling tests, vocabulary flashcards, Hangmouse (like Hangman), Unscramble and crossword puzzles. Spelling City is great on interactive whiteboards. Most activities are printable and students can use the site from any computer, at school or at home, 24/7. 


Wordle is a toy for generating "word clouds" from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are your to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends. 

Yahoo! Kids

Yahoo! Kids is a Yahoo! website where kids can access a variety of web-based activities from homework help to playing games