Illuminate DnA

Starting Out



  • Accessing, printing, scanning, entering data for any assessment  GENERIC DIRECTIONS
  • Administering paper/pencil assessment with GradeCam grading  VIDEO
  • Correcting constructed response items for online assessments  PDF  VIDEO
  • Accessing and administering Smarter Balanced Practice Testing Assessments (summative, performance task, and interim)  VIDEO
  • Online testing administration  VIDEO  
    • Grading Constructed Response items LINK

Report Cards


Student and Parent Home Connection

(Should also be posted on your building website or a shortcut at

  • Student Portal Directions (Use the Red Google+ button to login)  Handout
  • Parent Portal Directions - The permission letter with your access code must be picked up at the school office. This code will enable you to have a unique login for your student(s).  SAMPLE PDF