Technology Planning Committee


Review the existing district technology plan to identify and prioritize issues related to target areas; Investigate new technologies to foster 21st Century Skills in students, teachers and administrators; Update current district technology plan; Assess the needs of the district to identify specific goals/targets for technology integration and support; Draft recommendations to address selected areas related to technology funding, integration, access, support, and professional development.


Ron Brown
Committee Chair
Director Instructional Technology

Ray Birks
Instructional Technology Facilitator

Mark Woolsey
Instructional Technology Facilitator

Rosemary Wulf
Librarian, Elementary

Pete Phillips
Community Representative

Kristi DeLozier
Community Representative

Adam Richmond
Classified Representative

Brandon Marsh
TSS Coordinator, Operational Technology

Jacob Bucholz
Dean of Students, Wenatchee High School


Dave Yancey
Director Operational Technology

Liz Lewis
Classified Representative

Tina Nicpan-Brown
Teacher and TRT, Elementary

Scott Feil
Teacher, High School
Career Technical Education

Dennis Conger
Director, Career and Technical Education

Todd Jensen
Teacher, TRT, Secondary

Dan Kjobech
Parent/Business Representative

Diana Haglund
Director Wenatchee Learns

Holly McDonough
Classified Representative