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On-line payment option for families

Wenatchee School District offers a program to pay for various school fees (school lunches, PE uniforms, planners, fines, etc) online for Grades K-8. 

e-Funds for Schools offers options for parents/guardians who choose to make payments on-line and is extremely user friendly. Not only will you have the ability to have school fees electronically withdrawn from your checking account or charged to your credit or debit card, you also have the flexibility to make a payment at any time through the link below.

On-line payments will be processed each morning at 8:00am. Payments made after 8:00am will be posted to the following day.

The e-Funds For Schools service is offered by a third party service provider who charges for processing your payment(s), similar to other on-line banking services. The district does not request or keep records of family checking or credit card account information.

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