WSD Announces Superintendent Search Stakeholder Meetings and Survey Results

WSD Announces Superintendent Search Stakeholder Meetings and Focus Group Results

Superintendent search firm consultants from Hazard, Young and Attea (HYA) presented stakeholder survey, interview and focus group results and sought Board approval of the Superintendent Search Leadership Profile during the Wenatchee School Board’s meeting on Tuesday, November 13.

The survey, interviews and focus group meetings were structured to gather input and assist the Board in determining the primary personal and professional characteristics desired in the new superintendent. The Board approved the list of Desired Characteristics contained in the Leadership Profile allowing HYA to use this as a tool for identifying prospects for the superintendent position.  

Additionally, the stakeholder interviews and focus groups provided information for the consultants and for the prospective applicants regarding the strengths of the District and some of the challenges that it will be facing in the coming years. 

Three hundred and fifty-five individuals served in focus groups, and 920 individuals participated in the online survey. 

Focus Group Totals by Stakeholder Group:

School Board - 5
Administrators and Supervisors- 42
Teachers - 28
Classified Staff -31
Former Board Members - 5
Parents and Community Members - 175
Students - 69

Based on HYA’s findings, the consultants recommended that the Board consider opening up the search process to further community involvement. The Board had previously chosen to conduct a closed search. A special workshop with HYA consultants has been scheduled for Tuesday, December 4 at 12:30 p.m. for the Board to further discuss stakeholder involvement during the interview phase of the search process.

View documents shared by HYA:

Desired Characteristics 
Leadership Profile 
Stakeholder Survey Results 

For more information on the superintendent search:

Wenatchee superintendent Brian Flones announced his departure last spring and will conclude his career as the superintendent in August 2019. The 2018-19 school year will be Flones's nineteenth year as superintendent, and thirty-second year in the Wenatchee School District.