Top only of school busThere is a total of 42 buses. Other district vehicles consist of 11 motor pool cars and vans, 59 trucks and vans utilized by the Maintenance and Operations Department , 3 vehicles utilized by the FFA Department and Food Services Department and 22 other pieces of equipment such as tractors, trailers, mowers, used for grounds and building maintenance.

All of the buses, other vehicles and equipment are serviced and kept in repair by the mechanics in the Transportation Department.

All buses are inspected on a yearly basis (usually in June or July) by the Washington State Patrol. This ensures that all safety criteria is met and up-to-date. Thanks to the efforts of our mechanics, the district and our department has received an award for 'Excellence' from the Washington State Patrol for the last several years.

The buses run an altogether total of approximately 304,000.00 miles a year (approximately 19,000.00 miles for field trips, 10,000.00 miles for extracurricular trips, approximately 275,000.00 miles for daily regular to and from school pick up and delivery of students).

The Wenatchee School District provides bus transportation to and from school for many of its students. Bus schedules are sent to each school and should be available for parents.
Parents can also call the school transportation office at 662-6168 between 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to get more information about routes and times.

Who can ride?
Students with special needs and any students who live outside a one-mile radius of the school. Students without special needs don't need to register, but they must use assigned school bus stops.

You can't get off just anywhere. Students are only dropped off and picked up at assigned bus stops. They must have a note from a parent or building administrator to get off at a different stop.

Know the number of your child's route and the name of the driver. Our district utilizes route numbers rather than bus numbers. Be aware that children may ride different bus routes in the morning and afternoon.

Lost items. If students leave something on the bus, drivers normally keep it on the bus so they can return it the next day. However, some buses also make mid-day runs back to the school before lunch. If students leave their lunches on the morning bus, for example, call the transportation office and ask if the driver can bring it during the mid-day run.

Kindergartners and preschoolers who ride the bus home in the middle of the day must be met at their stop by an adult recognized by the bus driver, or they will be driven back to the school.Kindergarten riders have other special rules that vary with each school, so call your school or the transportation office for more information.

All drivers are required to have a current CDL license, DOT physical and current First Aid certification. Yearly inservice training is required which consists of at least 16 hours of classroom activity. This enables the drivers to be up-to-date on all required state and local laws, rules and regulations.

If you would like additional information, please call 662-6168.