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Campus Suite Information on Files & Links
Upload Files using the File Manager

File Naming and Formats

  • Always use proper file extension suffixes when saving files. Image files end in either .jpg, .png or .gif depending on what type of file it is.
    • Photographs should be saved as .jpg
    • Graphics (non-photo images) should be saved as .png or .gif
  • Export Files to PDF format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc) 
    • Not everybody has the ability to open files other than PDF files on the internet. PDF files are web friendly and open in the browser window, the other files are downloaded, and the user may not be able to open them if they don't own the specific program. 
  • Do not use special characters in filenames.
    • Characters such as ?, %,#, /, :, ;, •, etc are illegal. Only use letters, numbers, underscores, hyphens. Periods should only be used in the suffixes.
  • Keep your files names short and descriptive.

How to Make a Link

First type out the wording that you want to link. Highlight the text and click the link tool button

Highlight the text

Linking to files

When linking to a PDF file, click "Browse Files" to upload the PDF file, or select the file if it's already been uploaded. Once the file has been located, click the plus symbol to the right of the file to make the link. 

Note: If you are replacing a document, you can go directly to the dashboard, go to your files, open the folder your file is located in, and upload the updated file again, and check the box next to where it says, "Replace Existing Files". Important!! THE FILENAME MUST BE THE SAME AS THE FILE YOU ARE REPLACING.

browse files image

PDF and External Website Links - change the target window 

  • When linking to a PDF file or an external website, change the Target to New Window (_blank)
  • The PDF/exertnal website will open in a new browser window

External Website

Linking to Pages within the District website

When linking to a page within the DIstrict website click "Browse Content", and find the page that you want to link to. Once the page has been located, click the plus symbol to the right of the page to make the link.

the District

Add a Link to an image

Within the Image Properties click the "Link" tab and type the URL that you want the image to link to.

apple logo 02

Image properties


Email Links

Making an email link is like making a normal link, but you must change the LINK TYPE to E-mail, and then enter the E-mail Address in the E-mail Address field.
making a normal