Clearance Process

1.  Go to Family ID

Create an account.

You will only need to do this one time ever and then each year just make any updates/changes to your account.

Athlete and Parent must complete all required forms before they are cleared to participate in any sport.

  •      -Create an account
  •      -Verify your account through the email you used
  •      -Click on "Find a Program"
  •      -Enter "Wenatchee High School" for organization
  •      -Click the registration season you want.

Returning Families!

You may use the information you submitted in previous seasons to save time with future registrations.  Please use the following steps:

  1. Select the registration form under the word Programs.
  2. Login using the e-mail address and password you created last season
  3. Choose the sport
  4. Click on "Add Participant Below or Click to Select" and pick your child's name        
  5. Update health and demographic information, if necessary
  6. Sign-off on seasonal agreements
  7. Save and Submit

2.  Pay Online through TouchBase for an ASB card and sport fees

You may pay online beginning August 1st or in the Athletic/ASB office beginning August 10th.

If you pay online, you will pay a convenience fee.

$30.00 - ASB; required for every athlete

$20.00 - Sport Fees; required for each sport you participate in (this will include weight room, which is considered a sport, mandatory to clear for both)

$10.00 -Each additional sport after the first one.

3.  Turn in a General Information Form (physical) to the Athletic Office with Doctors signature and dated with an expiration date that clears you THROUGH your sport season.
             ** (General Information Form).
             ** If you have your physical faxed, please call and confirm that you/your athlete is cleared.

  • Fall sport physical expiration dates (end of November)
  • Winter sport physical expiration dates (end of February)
  • Spring sport physical expiration dates (end of May)

4.  Turn in ASB/Sport fee receipt to the Athletic Office.

5.  One you have completed ALL 4 steps, please call or stop by the Athletic to verify your sports clearance.