Greetings Class of 2022!!  On this page you will find ninth grade registration information regarding class offerings at Wenatchee High School.  

Counselors are scheduled to present at the middle schools on the following dates:

Orchard –  March 21st

Foothills – March 22nd

Pioneer –   March 23rd

Students need to identify requested classes on their registration forms (available in the links provided) and bring the form to the high school counselor presentation.   At that time, Counselors will be explaining graduation requirements, class credits, activities offered at the high school and collecting student class requests for the 2018/19 school year.  

Our Registration Guide and Course Catalog is also available to browse our current class offerings.  In the course guide you will find information about classes, credits, math sequencing, online class options and more.

Completed schedules will be available at the end of August.  Thank you for looking over your class options. We look forward to meeting with you soon.

- The WHS Counseling Team

Click here for an overview of graduation requirements and important information
that may be beneficial as you prepare for freshman year.


This document contains an overview of required classes and electives.
PLEASE NOTE: PE classes are offered on both Semester and A/B rotations.
There will be a variety of options in both the Sem and A/B formats.


Print friendly version of class request form.

For a complete list of the courses offered, please refer to our