Moodle FAQ

How can I get a login name if I do not have one?
Contact your online instructor and they can notify building technology teachers to create an account for you.

What do I do if I forget my password?
Go to the Moodle site and click on the "Lost Password" link. This will send to your emial a verification of identity email. You must click the link within that email, then Moodle will send you a new temporary password to this email account. Once you use your temporary the system will force you to change this password.

Does Moodle keep track of my access?
Every click in Moodle is recorded. Your activity within Moodle is logged and can be accessed by your instructor.

What if I can't see the videos?
Download the latest Quicktime player. If this doesn't work please contact your instructor. They will try to assist you, if not you might be put in touch with Ron who will help you through the problem.

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