Program Policies and Information

Online Learning in the Wenatchee School District is governed by the following board policy and procedure: 

In addition to the district policy and procedure you will find the WIA policies and procedures below:

ENROLLMENT  The Wenatchee School District limits WIA participation to students enrolled in the Wenatchee School District. Enrollment occurs only after a student has applied and been accepted into the program.  Students who are currently taking beyond a full load of coursework (seven courses) may enroll but will incur a registration fee.  Students who are not currently taking a full load of coursework (six or less) may be admitted at no cost to the student. Enrollment may not occur after the first 10 days of classes for any given semester.

APPLICATION  Because WIA is limited to Wenatchee School District, enrollment must be limited. Additionally, not all students will be good candidates for distance learning courses. Due to the various issues that must be considered, students must apply to enroll in WIA courses. Applications will be available only online. The high school counselors, teachers, principals, and the WIA administrator will consider applications on a case-by-case basis.

FEES  There are no fees paid to the school for participation in WIA unless enrollment in WIA courses creates a schedule overload situation (more than seven courses) for the student. Students who would be in a schedule overload situation as a result of registering for WIA courses will be assessed a $150 per course, per semester fee. The fees are due upon receipt, and transcripts will not be released if any fees are outstanding. Costs associated with owning and operating the student’s computer equipment are the responsibility of the student and his or her family. If you are a student outside of our district the fee will be $250 for any course per semester, we will not share FTE with your district and you will need to enroll as a student at Wenatchee High School to be considered.

CONTINUOUS PROGRESS REQUIRED  WIA students must meet “continuous progress” throughout the term in order to be given a passing grade at the end of the term. “Continuous progress” is defined as the percent of required assignments. Any student who is enrolled and remains inactive without teacher approval may be dropped from the program after two weeks. One critical component of this progress is the signing of the student responsibility contracts in a timely manner.

DROPS  Students may drop a course within the first 10 calendar days of the course without any penalty. Drops after the first 10 calendar days will result in an “F” on the student’s transcript.

APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR AND USE OF TECHNOLOGY  All students are expected to conduct their coursework and communications in an appropriate manner. Use of the WIA system, whether on home or school computers, is governed by the "Acceptable Use Agreement" posted on the district website under Learning and Teaching/Instructional Technology. Inappropriate use of any part of the WIA system will result in disciplinary action and possible expulsion from current and future WIA coursework.

GRADING  Traditional letter grades are assigned to WIA courses by the specific course’s instructor using the current Wenatchee High School grading system.

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY  All students accepted into WIA will be required to read and sign a "Student Code of Ethics" form. Academic dishonesty in any form will not be tolerated. Any students found to be willfully participating in any form of academic dishonesty will receive a failing grade for their WIA course and will be subject to the disciplinary procedures of their home high school. Additionally, the student will be barred from further WIA participation.

TECHNOLOGY ACCESS WIA students must have their own access to technology, but access may be granted through permission of the student’s home high school.  Access to WIA courses is not provided by the district. Minimum requirements include the following: PC or Mac with access to the internet with at leask 1 Mb connection or higher; Chrome Browser; Quicktime; Adobe Reader; and other course specific applications.

SPECIAL NEEDS  Inquiries regarding special learning accommodations or needs should be directed to Ron Brown at (509) 664-3865, ext 10249.

ASSESSMENT or LAB PROCTORING  Students could need to schedule time in advance with the course’s instructor to have their midterm and final assessments proctored at a mutually agreed upon site and time if desired by the instructor. Conversely, instructors will choose a reasonable location and time that has the least impact on student activities. Students may also be asked to schedule on premise time for science lab work.

MEETINGS WITH COURSE INSTRUCTOR  The only required meeting times are for the initial student orientation and the signing of the monthly responsibility contract. The instructor may, from time to time, require face-to-face meetings with students. These meeting times may be required in order for the student to successfully complete the coursework.

EMAIL ACCOUNTS  The vase majority of the communication between the students and the instructor will occur via email. Wenatchee School District does provides each student an active Gmail account WIA students must have a way to access that account outside of the district network. It is the student’s responsibility to immediately notify the instructor if his or her email is not working and is also required to align this email with their profile within Moodle. Each school in the Wenatchee School District has "Guest Access" wireless access if needed.

SCHOOL ATHLETICS/ACTIVITIES AND GRADE CHECKS  The regulations governing minimum GPA as outlined in the WSD Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook apply to WIA courses and students as well. WIA students involved in athletics/activities must meet “continuous progress” throughout the term in order to earn a passing grade. Students requesting a grade check from the instructor will receive a pass/fail grade until the end of the term. If there is a reason to believe that an interim grade would assist the student in becoming eligible, an appeal can be made by the building principal, athletic director, the parent of the student to the instructor for such grade. The student must still be meeting continuous progress for the grade to be valid. All requests to the instructor must be made via email.