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New online academy offers families full time virtual learning choice this fall

The Wenatchee School District is proud to announce the addition of the Wenatchee Internet Academy (WIA) as a learning option for kindergarten through 12th grade students this fall. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic WSD created the online school as a choice for families concerned about sending their children back to school for in-person instruction this year and for those students who prefer an online learning environment.  WIA registration for the 2020-2021 school year is at wenatcheeschools.org/WIA.  Deadline to register is August 17.

The mission of WIA is to provide quality education in an online learning environment, support students’ social and emotional learning and provide flexible access to curriculum and learning through the Wenatchee School District.

“Now more than ever, families need options for their children’s education and we’re personalizing learning pathways to meet those needs,” says Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, Mike Lane. “As a comprehensive program WIA would be a great choice for families who are looking to continue learning from home in a 100 percent online school structure.”

Taught and facilitated by certificated WSD teachers, WIA will present students with a daily robust, interactive learning experience. All K-8 curriculum is synonymous with current WSD classroom curriculum and aligned with Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. 9-12 curriculum will be delivered through the Apex Learning Virtual School.  9-12 students will have weekly Zoom access to their Apex teachers for all enrolled courses.  9-12 students will also have access to their high school counselors for other supports, as well as a WSD mentor teacher to help facilitate their learning.  All students will need to meet weekly with their WSD teacher and make continuous progress in all classes.

All courses will be aligned to the needs of each student according to their grade level and/or accommodations. WIA offers a content-rich variety of highly demanded courses in an easy-to-use format that will utilize the learning management system Canvas.

WIA offers the following advantages and attributes for families looking to continue their students’ learning online.

  • Instructors - High-quality instruction taught by trusted certificated WSD teachers at K-8, and facilitated by counselors and mentor teachers for 9-12.
  • Schedule - K-8 teachers will provide instruction according to a daily schedule of classes similar to WSD in-person classrooms. If K-8 families need more flexibility in their schedule, they can communicate a plan with their teacher. 9-12 students will have access to their coursework 24/7. AP and CTE classes are also offered via Apex.
  • Teamwork - Students and their teachers will have the ability to participate in real-time virtual classrooms, small group settings, and one-on-one check-ins.
  • Accountability - Parents will have real-time access to their student’s progress and workload via the Canvas system.
  • Standards Alignment: All K-12 courses aligned with district, state, and national standards
  • Assessments - WIA students will participate in Washington State and Wenatchee School District testing. Specific location/time arrangements will be made with the teacher.
  • Technology - WSD will provide a district-issued device (Chromebook or iPad) for all students enrolled.   Although home devices are allowed, we recommend using a district device to ensure the operating system is up to date and compatible with WSD systems and apps. Tech support will be provided by the district.

Registration is available online at wenatcheeschools.org/WIA. Enrollment is open to all current WSD K-12 students and to students who reside outside of the district. Additional paperwork will be required for non-WSD students to enroll. Information and registration materials are available at wenatcheeschools.org/WIA. Once a student is enrolled, the WIA becomes their sole school.  A student cannot be enrolled in more than one school in or out of the WSD.

There is no cost for tuition and no fees for participation in the WIA. However, fines & fees will be accrued for damage or loss of any district materials including computers, iPads, textbooks, library books, etc.