About Wenatchee Internet Academy

Jennifer Devereaux

Principal, WestSide High School/Wenatchee Internet Academy

WestSide High School, Wenatchee Internet Academy


In the 20/21 school year, and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, WSD created the online school as a choice for families concerned about sending their children back to school for in-person instruction this fall and for those students who prefer an online learning environment. The success of the program has led to the continuation of this K-12 alternative learning format.

Wenatchee Internet Academy (WIA) is a full-time online classroom program that provides daily facilitated courses for K-8 students in the Wenatchee School District (WSD). WIA presents students with a robust, interactive learning experience with a certificated WSD teacher.  K-8 curriculum is STEM-focused, project learning based, and aligned with Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.  

Because WIA is a 2nd-8th grade school, High School 9th-12th students will work directly with Wenatchee High School or Westside High School.  Students have access to their coursework 24/7 via the Apex Virtual Learning platform and work independently.  A WSD Mentor Teacher will be available for daily zoom meetings and support.

Enrollment is open to all current  2nd - 8th grade students and to students who reside outside of the district. Additional paperwork will be required for non-WSD students to enroll. 


Our Mission is to:

  • Celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Create a safe online learning environment
  • Support students’ social and emotional learning
  • Provide access and opportunity to career-focused STEM lessons and experiences K-8
  • Provide credit-earning coursework to 9-12 students in an independent setting that allows them flexibility


Alternative Learning Experience (ALE)

WIA is considered an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE).  ALE is public education where some or all of the instruction is delivered outside of a regular classroom schedule. ALE follows all public education requirements as well as Chapter 392-121-182 WAC.

Wenatchee School District 2255P Procedure for ALE programs

Students enrolled in an ALE course must: Demonstrate satisfactory progress. Methods for determining satisfactory progress shall be outlined in the Written Student Learning Plan and may include: a. Progress grades; b. Assignment completion rates; c. Non-academic factors such as attendance, attitude, and behavior; and d. Local school expectations.

WIA Specific ALE Information

WIA is classified as an Alternative Learning Experience school (ALE) with the State of Washington.  ALE schools are able to provide some flexibility to families who need it.  ALE schools also have additional requirements when it comes to reporting student progress to the state.  At the end of each month, our teachers must report whether or not a student is making Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory progress.  Progress is determined by the following: Zoom Attendance, Grades, Assignment Completion, Lexia/iReady Minutes, Engagement.  

OSPI requires that ALE students must be engaged in 27.75 hours of learning per week.  This requirement is satisfied by students attending school daily, staying for all zoom sessions, and using their afternoons to complete assigned tasks and/or participate in rotating electives.  At WIA, we expect that all students are attending all zoom sessions unless a plan is put into place and agreed upon by the teacher and the family. Scheduled zoom sessions include:  Morning Meeting/SEL, Literacy, Social Studies, Math, and Science lessons as well as small group instruction that the teacher schedules.  In addition, students are expected to display appropriate classroom behavior and complete assignments.  Teachers offer daily support times for students needing additional help.

Registration is available online at wenatcheeschools.org/WIA. Enrollment is open to all current WSD K-12 students and to students who reside outside of the district. Additional paperwork will be required for non-WSD students to enroll. Information and registration materials are available at wenatcheeschools.org/WIA. 

There is no cost for tuition and no fees for participation in the WIA. However, fines & fees will be accrued for damage or loss of any district materials including computers, iPads, textbooks, library books, etc.