WIA Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is the deadline for registering for WIA?  Registration is ongoing.
  2. Are teacher led classes in real time, synchronous? How frequent?  Yes, teachers will lead classes in real-time synchronous learning.  Classes are held daily, with a late start on Monday. Our daily schedule can be found in the handbook.
  3. Are 2-8 students able to interact with or see other students online in real time? Absolutely!!!  We build classroom communities between students and teachers via Zoom classrooms where everyone can see everyone else.  This may include working in small groups online.
  4. Are there resources or classes for students who have been in WSD's high-cap program?  Students who have been formally identified as Highly Capable will receive support and resources.  Details are being worked out and will be sent to the families who have been identified.
  5. What do you expect the 2-8 instructor to student ratio to be?  The ratio is flexible depending on enrollment.  When there are not enough students in a particular grade level, there may be a need to combine grade levels, such as our 2nd/3rd and 4th/5th grade classes. Our teachers have experience teaching this way and will continue to teach to grade level standards.
  6. What is the time commitment for elementary & middle school aged students each day?  Because this is an ALE (Alternative Learning Experience) environment, students are expected to take part in learning activities 27.75 hours a week which equals about 5.5 hours a day.  Sample schedules are in the handbook.
  7. How do subjects such as music, art, PE, and library work in the online format for 2-8 students? Two afternoons a week, families can pre-register for weekly, WIA teacher-led, in-person, afternoon, rotating electives, such as:  coding, engineering, drama, art, music, writing, poetry, obstacle courses, hiking/walking, and more. Families may also use afternoon time for any pre-planned family activities/lessons (piano, athletics) which would count as electives.
  8. Is a dual language program be offered? Not at this time.  However we will offer in class language support just as a student would receive in the traditional classroom.
  9. Will advanced English be offered for my middle school student? No specific advanced class is offered at this time. Teachers will differentiate their instruction and assignments to meet the needs of their students.
  10. Is my student eligible to participate in sports? Yes. The WIA Family Handbook has specific language regarding sport eligibility. Students are expected to make weekly continuous progress. Students are also welcome to join any on-site after school clubs or activities when available.  
  11. Can my Pre-K student attend WIA?  WIA is a program for 2-8 students. Families with Pre-K students should contact Castle Rock Early Childhood Learning Center at 663-7117 or email: lima.maria@wenatcheeschools.org
  12. My student has an Individualized Learning Plan (IEP). How will this be addressed?  Students will be provided the same services that they would be provided on-site (including 504’s). IEP’s will be monitored by a district special education teacher. All IEP meetings will be scheduled online.