WIA Frequently Asked Questions

WIA High School through Apex Learning Virtual School

  • Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS) is a fully accredited program.
  • ALVS is endorsed by the State Of Washington for online learning. https://www.k12.wa.us/sites/default/files/public/alternativelearning/pubdocs/providers/ApexLearning_CP.pdf
  • Students can earn credit in all of their core subjects as well as AP and CTE. 
  • Electives are limited to what is offered in APEX.  Electives like band, sports med, etc. are not offered.
  • Students will not be shared with WHS.  If a student wants to continue to take band, sports med, etc., they should stay enrolled with their school.
  • In order to be able to offer core content and electives at all grade levels, APEX also provides state certified teachers for each subject.  These teachers will provide support and instruction as well as grade student work. 
  • The WSD will provide certified teachers to mentor students through their coursework, planning & pacing, offer social emotional support, and guidance.  
  • Students will have weekly meetings with their Apex teachers to receive direct instruction and get their questions answered, then they will have more independent work time.  We will also be able to place students working on like tasks together in breakout rooms to collaborate on their learning.
  • Apex teachers will be available to those students during the school day during office hours to get help or answer questions. 
  • The WSD mentor teacher/s will also be available during the school day for any type of support that is needed by the student or the family. 
  • Because WIA is an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) program, students are required to meet weekly with their WSD mentor teacher for check-ins.  
  • There will be flexibility in the Apex program and students can access their courses 24/7. 
  1. When is the deadline for registering for WIA?  August 17
  2. Will there be teacher led classes in real time, synchronous? How frequent?  Yes, teachers will lead classes in real-time synchronous learning.  Classes will be held daily.  We will still have a late start Monday.  Sample schedules can be found in the handbook.  Kindergarten will be half-day.  
  3. Will students be able to interact with or see other students online in real time? Absolutely!!!  We will build a classroom community between students and teachers via Zoom classrooms where everyone can see everyone else.  They will also be able to work in small groups online.
  4. Does WIA use the same curriculum and resources as on site classes? K-8:  curriculum will be the same as what is happening in the classroom.  The only thing that will look a bit different will be specialists (art, music, PE).  We will still have specialist activities, but they won't necessarily mirror the classroom. Students will have the same texts and learning resources as on-site students.9-12: High school will use the APEX online learning system as their curriculum. APEX is fully accredited and endorsed by the state of Washington.  APEX will not offer as many courses as are available at WHS, but students will have access to all of their core content needs, including AP and CTE, as well as limited electives.
  5. Will there be resources or classes for students who have been in WSD's high-cap program?  Students will have the same opportunities for enrichment, acceleration, intervention, etc. as they would in the on-site classroom. No separate high-cap classes will be offered at this time. 
  6. How often would instructors meet virtually with elementary students? Would teaching occur in the live meetings or would the students watch a video of the instructor teaching and then ask questions during the online "office hours"? Students will meet daily with their teacher and receive direct, live instruction via their virtual classroom.  They will be able to ask questions as they go. Teachers will have scheduled office hours to address one-on-one student needs. 
  7. What do you expect the instructor to student ratio to be?  At this time, we will most likely mirror the normal classroom setting, so 20-25 students.  We will have to see how many students we end up with.
  8. What is the time commitment for elementary aged students each day?  Because this is an ALE (Alternative Learning Experience) environment, students are expected to take part in learning activities 27.75 hours a week which equals about 5.5 hours a day.  The sample elementary schedule is in the handbook.
  9. How would subjects such as music, art, PE, and library work in the online format?  The K-8 student schedule has built-in time for specialists. These classes will mirror on-site classes in terms of standards, but activities may vary. We are working on a system to address library access at this time. A limited list of the high school electives can be found in the WIA Family Handbook.
  10. Will a dual language program be offered? Not at this time.  However we will offer in class language support just as a student would receive in the classroom.
  11. Can my middle school student, who is currently scheduled to take advanced math classes (algebra, geometry), take these classes at WIA?  Yes. Students will be registered for these classes through the high school APEX program.
  12. Will advanced English be offered for my middle school student? Honors and AP classes are available at the high school level.  In elementary and 6-8 grades, teachers will differentiate their instruction and assignments to meet the needs of their students.
  13. When is the registration deadline for WIA? Students can register for WIA at any time. Please be aware however, that registering for WIA is expected to be a commitment one year. If a student needs to transfer back to in-person learning, that will be looked at on a case by case basis.
  14. What is the time commitment for my Kindergarten student? Kindergarten will be a half-day program. A sample kindergarten schedule is located in the WIA Family Handbook.
  15. What are the electives for middle school? Music, Art, PE
  16. Will the WIA experience be similar to the learning experience this spring? No. Students will be expected to follow a schedule and course expectations and materials will be similar to the on-site classroom. Although the learning will all be online, your student will still have a teacher who will build classroom community and deliver the same high-quality content and instruction as students who are in the building.
  17. If sports open up during the school year, is my student eligible to participate? Yes. The WIA Family Handbook has specific language regarding sport eligibility. Students are expected to make weekly continuous progress. Students are also welcome to join any on-site after school clubs or activities when available.  
  18. Can my Pre-K student attend WIA?  WIA is a program for K-12 students. Families with Pre-K students should contact Castle Rock Early Childhood Learning Center at 663-7117 or email: lima.maria@wenatcheeschools.org. 
  19. My student has an Individualized Learning Plan (IEP). How will this be addressed?  Students will be provided the same services that they would be provided on-site (including 504’s). IEP’s will be monitored by a district special education teacher. All IEP meetings will be scheduled online. 
  20. Is my high-schooler limited to 4 credits per semester or could he/she take additional credits? Students will be allowed to pursue the same amount of credits per semester, as WHS (4 credits) and WSHS (3 credits) students. Total credits for a year for WHS students would be 8.  Total credits a year for WSHS students would be 6.
  21. Can my student attend WIA and take electives at the middle or high school? Students enrolled at WIA will take all of their classes online. Families with questions regarding special circumstances at the high school level can contact Jennifer Devereaux at devereaux.j@wenatcheeschools.org.
  22. Is there any flexibility in the schedule for my family? Yes. Please work with your students’ teacher to provide the necessary flexibility for your student and family. WIA will offer daily structured learning times for the families that need a more strict schedule.  Students need to complete 27.75 hours of learning activities and meet with their teacher to determine continuous progress.  We encourage students to take advantage of direct instruction time to maximize their learning.