Program Policies and Information

Online Learning in the Wenatchee School District is governed by the following board policy and procedure: 

In addition to the district policy and procedure you will find the WIA policies and procedures below:


  • Current WSD students may enroll/register for the WIA by clicking here.
  • Enrollment may take place at any time during the 2022-23 school year.
  • WIA is a choice program for students outside the Wenatchee School District. There is a 10% enrollment cap on non-residents.  In addition to the above registration, choice students, outside the Wenatchee School District, must fill out the choice paperwork available here.
  • They must also register as a new student here.
  • Once a student is enrolled, the WIA becomes their sole school.  A student cannot be enrolled in more than one school in or out of the WSD.

There are no fees paid to the school for participation in WIA.  However, fines & fees will be accrued for damage or loss of any district materials
including computers, iPads, textbooks, library books, etc.

Attendance and/or engagement is expected for students in order to meet “continuous progress” requirements.. Students are expected to be engaged in learning activities for a minimum of 27.75 hours per week or 5.55 hours per day as per state mandate. In order for a student to be considered present for the week, there must be evidence of that student’s engagement. Teachers will determine the schedule for virtual classroom engagement that
is appropriate for that grade level.

Engagement Includes:

  • Completing and submitting assignments
  • Interacting via Canvas (Learning Management System) virtual classrooms
  • Participation in office hours
  • Two-way communication between teacher and family (e-mail, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, phone, etc.)

Students may drop a course within the first 15 calendar days of the course without any penalty. Drops after the first 15 course days will result in an “F” on the student’s transcript.

WSD will provide a district-issued device (Chromebook or iPad) for all students enrolled.   Although home devices are allowed, we recommend using a district device to ensure the operating system is up to date and compatible with WSD systems and apps. Tech support will be provided by the district.

All students are expected to conduct their coursework and communications in an appropriate manner. Use of the WIA system, whether on home or school
computers, is governed by the Appropriate Use Agreement:  WSD Procedure 2022P - Appropriate Use Procedures.
Inappropriate use of any part of the WIA system will result in disciplinary action and possible expulsion from current and future WIA coursework.

Grading is consistent with current WSD grading system at all levels.
2-5 Standards Based grading scale (1-4)
6-8 Traditional grading system (A-F)

All students accepted into WIA will be required to read and sign a Student Code of Ethics form. Academic dishonesty in any form will not be tolerated. Any student found to be willfully participating in any form of academic dishonesty will receive a failing grade for their WIA course and will be subject to the disciplinary procedures of their home high school. Additionally, the student will be barred from further WIA participation.
Refer to WHS plagerism policy, page 14

Inquiries regarding special learning accommodations or needs should be directed to Ron Brown at (509) 664-3865, ext 10249.

WIA students will participate in Washington State and Wenatchee School District testing. Specific location/time arrangements will be made with the teacher. School district personnel may proctor assessments for all WIA courses.

The regulations governing minimum GPA as outlined in the WSD Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook apply to WIA courses and students as well. WIA students involved in athletics/activities must meet “continuous progress” throughout the term in order to be given a passing grade. Students requesting a grade check from the instructor will be given a pass/fail grade until the end of the term. If there is a reason to believe that an interim grade would assist the student in becoming eligible, an appeal can be made by the building principal, athletic director, the parent of the student to the instructor for such grade. The student must still be meeting continuous progress for the grade to be valid. All requests to the instructor must be made via email.