For Students

Is WIA Right For Me?

Online learning offers a unique experience and certain flexibility that is not available in a traditional classroom. While the online environment is a great alternative for some students, it is important to ensure it will be a good fit for you, your style of learning, and can fit well with your other commitments.
Because the state considers online learning an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE), students have many more responsibilities than they would in a regular classroom learning experience. Rules, which call for weekly progress and contact from each student in every course, help ensure that students are set up to succeed in the alternative environment.

Parent/Guardian Expectations

It is expected that parents will provide adequate, age appropriate supervision of their student within the home and learning environment. Parents/guardians should be aware that their student may need guidance or assistance during their school day. Students may also need additional materials to complete assignments. These will need to be provided by the parents or picked up at an assigned location. The online presence of WIA teachers and staff is to guide your student through the curriculum, provide instruction, and support your student with social/emotional skills.  WIA staff are not responsible for the supervision of your student at any time.

WIA works best for families that:

  • Provide adequate and age appropriate supervision
  • Guide and encourage their student to login daily and stay on pace
  • Utilize the Parent Canvas links to check for regular progress
  • Have a computer or district issued device with reliable internet connection 
  • A working environment away free from distraction
  • Communicate regularly with their student’s teacher

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