Create Company Profile

Create an online business/organization profile and share information with students and school staff. Company profiles are connected to our career exploration system Career Cruising. Students will have access to your profile to learn more about your business and the type of careers there.

Business/Organization Profiles

  • a company description
  • location details
  • link to the company website
  • list of jobs and careers students could pursue someday
  • experiential learning opportunities for students (internships, job shadowing, co-op)
  • company message board where students can post questions and get answers, insights and advice.

Participation is free and is easily tailored to your level of involvement and schedule!

Student interns Filming Dougs engineering class

Student Intern Working with North 40 Film Crew

How to Create a Profile

  1. Set up a Company Profile
    You can set up and maintain a company profile to describe your business, highlight your unique attributes, and communicate your areas of need to student as well as parents and educators.
  2. Become a Career Coach (Optional)
    By spending less than an hour per week, you can share your experience and advice with students by contributing to mediated, threaded discussions online.
  3. Offer Experiential Learning Activities (Optional)
    You can post and coordinate activities like job shadowing, company tours, internships, service learning etc. that your business or group offers.

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