3rd Quarter GEM Award Winners

3rd Quarter GEM Award Winners

Congratulations to the seventeen 3rd quarter Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Award winners. GEM nominees and quarterly winners were recognized in front of their peers during staff meetings or end of the year celebrations.

Categories for GEM nominations include someone who’s positive, puts people first, is a team player, takes initiative, among others.

3rd Quarter GEM Awards Stats:

Four hundred and thirty-eight nominations were received— the second highest ever, the highest was 487.

One staff member received 7 separate nominations

One staff member received 22 separate nominations

3rd Quarter Winners 

K-5 Anne Schneider
Class Gina Oliver
Admin Nadya Bush
Class Silvia Mendoza
Class Laura Schip
6-8 Ted Edwards
K-5 Kim Rumley-Wells
Operational Lance Coleman
Class Karen Allen
6-8 Janell Blankney
6-8 Tye Goodrich
K-5 Amy Kerker
K-5 Tracy Walsh
9-12 Tara Janet
9-12 Ellen Smith
Class Bob Sanford
9-12 Alexxa Hallberg