Worksite Learning

Worksite Learning provides students with the opportunity to learn in the workplace while applying skill and knowledge obtained in the classroom. Wenatchee High School and WestSide High School students can earn high school credit while also earning a wage through part time employment. 


  • Makes classroom learning relevant
  • Earn a wage while earning high school credit
  • Learn skills that will help you success after high school
  • Test drive a career
  • Network with future employers
  • Build confidence and strengthen your talents
  • Experience looks great on resumes and college applications


  • Provides a source of skilled and motivated employees
  • Reduces the cost of recruitment and training
  • Enhances skill development
  • Improves employee retention
  • Encourages involvement in the curriculum development process- what do your future employees need to know?
  • Increases employer visibility in education


  • Provides an opportunity for your child to be employed while earning high school credit.
  • Establishes a clear connection between education and work
  • Enhances skill development
  • Improved post-graduation job prospects
  • Establishes professional contacts for future employment and mentoring
  • Promotes positive work habits and attitudes
  • Provides opportunities for leadership development
  • Increases student retention and graduation rates

Ready to Get Strarted? Contact Information.

  Dan Ellwood
  Worksite Learning Coordinator
  (509) 663.8117 ext. 406