College & Career Readiness Course

High School Career Education Curriculum

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Helping students explore career pathways and the steps needed to get them there is an key objective of Wenatchee Learns.

Wenatchee Learns and Career and Technical Education have created an online course for all 9-12 grade students in the Wenatchee School District that helps them prepare for and identify career goals and develop the necessary skills to achieve them. This course guides them through creating a high school and beyond plan which is a graduation requirement. In addition it creates opportunities for student to learn about their own interests, abilities and skills and see how those translate into a future career.

The College and Career Readiness course provides students with and online flexible learning environment. They can log in and begin exploring anyplace that they have internet access. Students will have four lessons that they will be required to complete by May 15 of every year. Each set of four lessons has a theme that focuses on areas such as soft skills, post secondary training options, dual credit, graduation check lists, resumes and interviews, financial aid and much more.

Along the way counselors, school staff and community members will be providing face-to-face support and encouragement for students.

Format: Hybrid (online and Face-to-Face)

  • Moodle Online Classroom
  • Career Cruising – Web Based Career Expoloration System
  • Community and WSD program video interviews
  • Face-to-face support from staff


  • 16 (4 per grade level) online lessons/modules and activities
  • Activities and artifacts completed and collected in Career Cruising
  • 2 assemblies per grade level, per year on relevant information or topics
  • Clearly articulated learning targets
  • Requirements populate the 5th year and beyond plan
  • Student survey at end of each module
  • Relevant learning experience and events (ie., career and college expo, work based learning etc.)

College & Career Readiness Screen Shots:

Screenshot of Moodle portalMoodle screenshot tips for job interview