Welcome WHS Students to the Job Shadow Program!

Wenatchee High School is committed to providing you with career exploration opportunities. 

So what now?
Once you have identified a career interest through Xello, visit in the Career Center, to discuss the possibility of setting up a job shadow with Mrs Findley McBride.

What is a Job Shadow?
Shadowing gives you the opportunity to spend a few hours during the school day exploring a career at a business site to observe and interview a professional on the job in your interest area.

Why is this important?
Are you sure you want to be an engineer? or a teacher? a welder? a cosmetologist? How do you know? College and training programs can be very expensive. If you know from experience which career path is right for you, you will save money by focusing only on classes necessary to succeed in your career.

How to identify a career 
Log into the Xello program. You can also find a link on the WHS website under student links. Career Cruising is a great tool for you to learn about work skills, learning styles, and career options best suited to you as an individual. You may, for example, want to be an electrical engineer, but do you know about the job conditions, pay scale, schooling or apprenticeship training involved, or the long-range demand for the job? Career Cruisingallows you to explore careers, research information on various fields within that career, and investigate colleges, universities, and certificated programs that provide degrees and/or training related to your job interest.

How do I set up a Job Shadow?
Visit the Career Center, and pick up a Job Shadow Application from Mrs. Findley McBride. Fill out the forms, have your parents read and sign their portions of the paperwork and return it to the Career Center.

Then what?
Once the application is completed and signed by all parties, you will be connected to a professional in your interest area and a date and time will be set for the Job Shadow. Relax, Have Fun, and Learn as much as you can.

Enjoyed your Job Shadow experience? Spread the word! Tell your friends and classmates. We want every student at WHS to participate in at least one job shadow experience before they graduate.

Questions or concerns? Contact Mrs. Findley McBride at the high school by telephoning 509-663-8117 ext 750 or emailing findley.tami@wenatcheeschools.org.

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