College Mentor Program

Becoming a College Mentor Program (CMP) mentor allows you to become a part of a broad network of formal and informal caring adults that includes counselors and teachers.  A 2015 study by America’s Promise Alliance found that students with multiple social supports are more likely to re-engage with school in the face of adversity.  The New York-based non-profit, The Future Project, has “documented the power that mentors can have at a defining juncture in the lives of disadvantaged youth: high school.”

The CMP was designed to not only meet the needs of a unique segment of Wenatchee High School’s student body but to also tap into the strengths of our community.  The Wenatchee Valley has a wonderful tradition of community service that continues with the College Mentor Program.  If you are looking for a rewarding opportunity to help some of our best scholars achieve their college-going dream or YOU are a scholar looking for someone to help you do just that, contact the College Mentor Program Coordinator, Andrea Johnson, at 509-663-8117 or

Why First Generation Students Need Mentors Who Get Them.

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How to Become a Mentor:

  1. Complete the Wenatchee Learns Partner Application
  2. Contact:

Andrea (Andi) Johnson 
College Mentor Program Coordinator
Wenatchee High School

(509) 663.8117
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