Is my student Required to attend Panther Homework Center?

No, the Panther Homework Center is of Voluntary attendance.

How do I know if my student is attending Panther Homework Center?

Students are required  to sign-in electronically on Ipads, the data from thier sign-in then is entered into a spreadsheet. Parents can either email The Panther Homework Center Staff or Submit a request on the attendace page of the website. Or a note can be sent home stating how long they have attended for that day. 

What are the benefits of attending the Panther Homework Center?

Students have a quiet enviornment with resources; computers, books, tutors all at thier disposal. The tutors are always willing to help in whatever way possible. Students can also work together, when working on a group project.

Where is the Panther Homework Center Located?

We run out of the library, with plenty of computers and resources for studnets to use. We also have copies of most class text books but if we don’t have one I can always go find one. 

What are the hours of the Panther Homework Center?

The Panther Homework Center is ran Monday- Thursday 3:30-5 pm. There are some days when the Panther Homework Center is on different hours or not running due to alternate schedules or weather, but those are few a far between but can be spur of the moment.


Is there a cost for attending the Homework Center?

No, there is no charge for students to come and attend the Homework Center. All WHS students are welcome.