SCAM ALERT regarding SKYWARD Software

WARNING - It has been brought to our attention by Skyward, the software that is our Student Information System and provides family access to student information, that someone is sending fake emails stating that there has been a security breach on the Skyward Portal. 
This message then prompts you to click on a link that brings you to a page that looks like Skyward. It requests your Login ID, password, and SS#.  
Skyward and Wenatchee School District would never ask for your Social Security # in an email.  
While the customer that received this email is not located in Washington State, we wanted to remind everyone to be careful with links in emails.    
If you receive a similar email we are asking that you DO NOT respond or click on the link as this is NOT a valid request coming from WSD or Skyward and is an attempt to gain personal information.
Although this particular email has not been seen in Washington it has hit other states.  If you or your users do see this bogus email please forward the email to Janet Hill immediately.