Child Skills Assessment

6 months

1 year

2 years

3 years

4 years

5 years

ROLLS from stomach to back

SITS without support

 WALKS well

WALKS up steps one foot for each step

TELLS stories

HOPS on one foot

REACHES for toy

PULLS self to stand

WALKS up steps, two feet on a step

WALKS on tiptoes

SPEAKS clearly and can be understood by non-family members


in time

TRANSFERS toy from one hand to other

CRAWLS on all fours

SPEAKS several words which are understandable and meaningful

RUNS easily

DRESSES self with help

CATCHES a ball with his hands

LOOKS for noise made near him

UNDERSTANDS the meaning of NO and BYE-BYE

REFERS to self by name


FEEDS self with fork

BRUSHES his teeth

MAKES SOUNDS for specific reason (hunger, wet)

REPEATS sounds made by others

RECOGNIZES self in mirror


WASHES face and hands

CARES for all toilet needs

HELPS hold bottle while drinking

FEEDS self cookies or crackers (may not be neat)

FEEDS self with spoon (may spill some)

USES words to make needs known

GETS ALONG with other children

FOLLOWS two directions "Bring the ball and put it on the chair"

PLAYS with toes

WAVES bye-bye

DRINKS from a cup

SPEAKS in three word sentences "Mommy go home"

BALANCES on one foot

POINTS to shapes (circle, square, rectangle)

PATS mirror image

PLAYS "Pat-A-Cake" or "Peek-A-Boo"

OCCUPIES self in play


BUILDS a tower of ten blocks

NAMES five colors

PUTS everything in mouth

TURNS pages of a magazine or book (more than one at a time)

PLAYS with an adult (rolls ball to adult)

IS toilet trained

COPIES a circle

COPIES a square, circle and cross

WATCHES toys held in front of him

PICKS up small objects with thumb and index finger

BUILDS a tower of four blocks

HELPS adults (when told) by putting away toys and clothes

MATCHES some objects and colors

COUNTS to four

REACHES for familiar persons

SHAKES head to express "no"

PUTS two words together "More juice"

TURNS pages one at a time

ASKS questions using "what, where, who and why"

SHARES and takes turns

DISTINGUISHES parent from others

IMITATES simple actions such as hugging or loving a doll

SHOWS some body parts (eyes, nose, toes) when asked

RECITES nursery rhymes such as "Mary Had A Little Lamb"

SAYS both first and last name

TELLS age, address and phone number