About the School District

The Wenatchee School District is committed and designed to provide a comprehensive instructional program from kindergarten through the completion of high school. Student learning is accomplished through a quality educational system by dedicated, caring staff working in partnership with students, parents, and the community.

Our mission is to:

  • Personally know and encourage students as individual learners and recognize their academic, citizenship and co-curricular accomplishments;
  • Assist students to learn and apply essential skills and values to be contributing community citizens with a global perspective;
  • Challenge students to continually stretch and grow while working with family and community as active partners.

The Wenatchee School District has seven elementary schools, three middle schools, an alternative high school, a 4A high school, and a skills center. The total number of students is approximately 7,800; we have 540 teachers. The Wenatchee School District has a large minority student population: 39 percent are Hispanic, 1.3 percent Asian, and .006 African American. Our district strives to employ exceptional educators to serve our diverse student population.

Wenatchee educators are focused on aligning with the state goals. We are committed to having our students meet standards in reading, writing, and communication--a responsibility which belongs to ALL of us, regardless of grade level, subject area, or students' special needs.

Emphasis on high expectations and academic achievement, partnership with parents to achieve educational goals, respect for students' cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and opportunities and resources for staff professional development are characteristics of the Wenatchee School District. All clearly support the educational success of the students served.