About the School District

Our Community
Wenatchee, known as “The Apple Capital of the World,” is a city of 34,000 that is nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain range at the confluence of the Wenatchee and Columbia rivers. The region has harnessed the power of our waters to provide electricity to the west and irrigation for that is critical for growing fruit and and producing the wine for which our area is known. In addition to agriculture and hydropower, our city has a thriving medical community that serves as the hub of medical services for all of North Central Washington. The spirit of our people is the result of a place that knows how to produce.  The people of Wenatchee put faith in the land to produce a harvest each year and have developed innovative ways to share our bounty across our nation and the world. There is also great pride in our educational system and a recognition that the future health of our community lies with the quality of education we provide our students.

Our District
The Wenatchee School District has a population of 7,600 students and provides a comprehensive offering of programs for students and families. There are 7 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 1 comprehensive high school, 1 alternative high school, a K-10 alternative parent partnership school, and a technical skills center that serves a consortium of school districts.  

Student Demographics

  • Wenatchee School District's student demographics include 50% Latino, 45% White, 5% other.
  • We are 55% free and reduced lunch, 16% migrant, and 25% transitional bilingual.
  • In addition, we have 559 students that we serve who have been identified as homeless.

Our Staff
Our district strives to employ exceptional educators with over 1,100 full and part time certificated and classified employees who take pride in serving our diverse student population.