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Warehouse Manager Warehouse delivery hours for all incoming freight is 7a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday.

All deliveries are taken by appointment only. Please specify this on all purchase & phone orders so that vendors can pass on this information to their delivery personnel when necessary.

The appointment number for deliveries is 509-663-1448.

Centralized Shipping Procedure

District Employees
Ship-to address for the Wenatchee School District is:

Your Building
Your Name
PO Number
1001 Circle Street
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Surplus Regulations

All surplus must meet with Board approval before it can be picked up and a correlating sticker placed on the item(s) before they can be taken to the warehouse. All boxes taped on top & bottom to prevent spillage.

No boxes to weigh in excess of 40#.

Computer equipment boxed individually where applicable. Example; mice in one box, cables in one box, keyboards in one box. Cables need to be wrapped and banded individually for storage. Each computer surplused should be complete with mice, keyboard and cables. We can’t sell one without the other.

Surplus computer programs should have all of its software intact or it is not reusable. If you surplus software please make sure all of the disks are with the documents inside the box.

Surplus printers. The driver software & cables should accompany all surplus printers in order to sell them at the sale. Some people do not have web access to download the needed drivers.

Textbooks, library books, magazines, and workbooks are to go t the warehouse, available for sale, before they can be recycled or destroyed. See RCW 39.33.070
Broken desks, broken chairs, tables without legs, games with missing pieces and all other unusable/not sellable items are not surplus- they are garbage. They can be disposed of at the building level. If you question it - ask.

There is a timeline for all surplus form applications and pick up.

Questions on surplus processes and retrieval are answered below.
Directions for completing the surplus form can be found in the Form Instructions and Pick up Schedule Instruction boxes on the surplus form itself.
30 + days prior to pick up:

Surplus is identified and Surplus Form(s) are filled out. Completed forms are given to the building administrator for approval and signature. All approved forms are sent to the district office at least 30 days prior to your buildings scheduled pick up.

Upon receipt and after authorization from the school board,( meetings take place every other Tuesday) we receive copies with labels # intact from the district office and begin the planning process for pickup of your building surplus( pallets and man power needed, space availability in the warehouse, time commitment needed for the pickup etc).

The Warehouse MUST received your authorized surplus forms at least two weeks prior to your pick up date from the district office to get your items on the pick up schedule.

All late forms received will be filed until your next scheduled pick up.

14-28 days Prior to pick up:
You receive copies of each form you previously submitted with labels to place on your authorized surplus items. See Note(3)

If not done previously, your authorized surplus items are boxed where applicable with boxes taped well and covered.

Carton Weight should be no more than 40# per box. See note (1)
Surplus computers, monitors printers, and keyboard should be readied for pick up with all cords unattached where applicable or wound up and banded. Keyboards are packed into boxes also with cords banded and wound up as specified on the surplus form. See note (2)

One to Two Days Prior to Pick up:
Your authorized surplus items are placed in the designated outbound area of your building for us to collect on your schedule date.
See Note(4)

Note (1): Cartons weighing in excess of 40# at the time of pick up will be left to have your building redistribute into lighter cartons and left for your next scheduled pick up.

Note (2): Un banded cords are a safety hazard. If cords are left out, that item will be left for appropriate care until the next pick up schedule.

Note (3): All items without the required labels will be left for future authorization and the next pick up on the schedule.

Note (4): We are not authorized to go throughout your building to collect your surplus. Those items not in your pick up area will be collected at the next scheduled pick up of your building provided they are in the designated pick up area at that time.

Extra Note: Special consideration for large quantities will be dealt with prior to pick up if we deem it unreasonable for it to be placed in your designated area. This is at our discretion only. We will communicate with that department prior to pick up for the convenience of both parties.

All label #s will be verified.