Welcome to Nutrition Services

The 2017/2018 school year is quickly approaching. Here at the Nutrition Services Office we have been working diligently all summer to prepare new recipes, add new menu items, and offer your student the best nutrition that is both delicious and affordable. 

Although we have made some changes, school lunch prices will remain the same this year.

  Full Prices Reduced Prices
  Breakfast Lunch Breakfast Lunch


$1.50 $2.75 Free Free
4-5 $1.50 $2.75 $.40 $.40
6-12 $1.65 $3.00 $.40 $.40

Any Student who qualified for Free or Reduced meals last year will continue their benefits through October 11, 2017. Families MUST re-apply for benefits on or before October 10, 2017 in order to continue benefits beyond October 11, 2017. If families fail to re-apply before October 10, their students will rever to full-priced paid meals until their application is submitted and approved.

For more information regarding Free and Reduced School Meals, please click the following link:


For those who plan to purchase lunches, we are in the process of changing consolidating meal payments with e-funds. E-funds is the system used by the District to collect funds for other student activities and payments. Beginning August 15, the link below will allow you to access and add money to your students food account. Please note the money on this account cannot be used to fund other activities or pay for purchases other than food. If your student ended last school year with a credit, the credit will rollover to the the new account.



We look forward to getting to know your student and providing healthy, well-balanced options to provide fuel for their learning.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us: 509-662-9345.

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