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Early Childhood Programs

Early Childhood Education Programs

Transition To Kindergarten (TK)

What is Transition to Kindergarten (TK)
Wenatchee TK programs are provided at no cost to families, are staffed by highly trained, certificated educators, and give students access to all the aspects of the regular kindergarten school day, such as transportation, meals, and specialists (music, PE, art, etc.). Classrooms are designed to meet the unique needs of preschool students and offer high-quality early learning programs with developmentally appropriate rest times, structured interactive playtime, and hands-on activities. 

Who Qualifies for TK

  • Children who are 4 years old by August 31st
  • Children in need of additional preparation to be successful in Kinder (based on a district screening)
  • Children who live within the school boundary where there is a TK classroom 

What TK Looks Like 
TK classrooms are limited to 15 students per class and follow the same schedule as Kindergarten classes (start/end times, specialists, etc). That means students will attend all day (except late start Mondays), 5 days/week. Transportation will be provided for students if they meet the criteria for preschool transportation and live within the school boundary where they attend TK. School meals are provided at no cost. Students who are enrolled in TK but also receive special education services will be supported by the case manager at the elementary school. 

  • Mission View Elementary 
  • Newbery Elementary 
  • Washington 

TK progams are limited to students that live each school's boundary. Enrollment is limited to 15 students per class.


Eligibility & Screening Process
TK programs are only for 4-year-old children who have been identified as needing additional preparation prior to starting kindergarten the following school year and live within a school boundry that offers TK. 

Eligible students may include 4-year olds who:

  • are not currently enrolled in a preschool program
  • do not qualify for early learning programs
  • do not have access to high-quality early learning experiences
  • may have an Individual Education Plan (IEP)

Schools offering TK programs use screening procedures to determine the individual student’s abilities and determine the need for services. With the use of screening instruments, school personnel work with children and families to administer a developmentally appropriate screening. This screening helps identify the child’s developmental progress and indicate certain developmental milestones that have been achieved. Screening should take 30 minutes or less and is conducted by the school district.

What if my child already attends Castle Rock preschool?
Castle Rock is a school district program, like TK. Movement between programs is an IEP team decision that’s based on the individual needs of the child (e.g., The team decides what would best prepare the student for kindergarten).

What if my child already attends preschool somewhere else (like Head Start, EPIC, ECEAP, a private preschool, or a daycare with preschool)?
This means that TK is not applicable to your child. If you have questions or concerns about that, please reach out to your child’s preschool program.

How do I enroll in TK?
There is an enrollment process which includes a district screening. This screening will determine whether your child is eligible based on their need for TK (and if they are not already accessing another early childhood program in the community). Once it is determined that TK is best for your child, then you will register him/her into the WSD as a new student

Can I choice my child into TK?
If space is available choice applications for TK may be considered. Approved choice students are not eligible for district transportation.


If you're interested in learning more about Transition To Kindergarten contact:

Photo of Emily Wilgus

Emily Wilgus

Early Childhood Coordinator

Castle Rock Early Learning Center

Castle Rock is an inclusive, community preschool where we offer preschoolers of all ability levels the opportunity to learn together and from one another.

Each class is taught by a certificated early childhood special education teacher who supports an inclusive environment for all students. Students identified with a developmental delay receive specially designed instruction in the general education class and have access to the same content as their peers without special needs.

Visit the Castle Rock website for more info

Staff Contact:

Photo of Emily Wilgus

Emily Wilgus

Early Childhood Coordinator

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