Strategic Plan

Developing the 2021-27 Strategic Plan

The Wenatchee School District has begun the process of developing a new strategic plan. 

The new plan sets the course for the district for the next five years and helps us focus our resources, work, and initiatives. The plan will ultimately include a short list of high-impact priorities and measurable goals focused on improving outcomes for students. While our ongoing operational work to provide excellence to all of our students persists, this plan will have clarity about what we are trying to accomplish and who we aspire to be as an organization. 

Pre-strategic Planning Work 
Starting in July of 2019, Superintendent Gordon began laying the groundwork for starting the planning process by embarking on a comprehensive Listen and Learn Tour to gather an understanding of the district's strengths, challenges, and what is most important for him to consider as plans are developed for the district's future. The input he received, combined with feedback from surveys and small group meetings, helped establish a solid foundation and understanding of who we are as a district and school community. This information also helped identify themes that will serve as starting points for discovery during the strategic planning process. The themes were presented to the school board in June 2020. 

Early in January 2020 the school board developed their core values of Equity, Accountability and Academic Excellence. These values will serve as guiding principles through the strategic planning process and beyond.  The school board will take a critical next step in this process during a visioning workshop on September 21, 2020. During this session the board discussed the characteristics of a vision as a collective body. View the workshop video

Community input and leadership

The Wenatchee community cares deeply about its youth. When WSD asked for community volunteers and input, you answered the call! Through individual meetings, listening sessions, community and school events and a community survey, we gathered feedback from thousands of people. Volunteers came forward to serve on the strategic planning team. Thanks to the community, our strategic plan will represent the voices of teachers, parents, students, community members, and district leadership—all of whom served as powerful advocates for our students.

The strategic plan process also incorporated best practices from the most current research about how to positively impact student success. WSD has areas to improve, and the strategic planning process required an honest assessment of our gaps. Community feedback starting in July 2019 coupled with relevant research pointed to the same solution: focus on the students—the quality of their learning and their outcomes.

Proof Points:

  • WSD met with more than 2,000 stakeholders during the discovery phase of developing the strategic plan.
  • WSD held 75 listening & learning sessions with its staff, students, and parents to hear what the people most affected by the strategic plan felt it needed to include.
  • WSD participated in 63 community and school events to engage directly with a range of community stakeholders regarding the strategic plan.
  • After an open call for submissions, WSD formed a strategic planning team comprised of parents, students, community members, and district staff to guide and inform the plan’s development.
  • WSD distributed a stakeholder survey and received 1,339 submissions which the strategic planning team read and considered during the discovery phase of the plan.
  • Themes of instructional rigor, caring relationships, reading and math improvements, on time graduation, community partnerships and career connected and extracurricular opportunities  emerged from the community and are being used to identify student outcome goals.

A strategic plan for student success 

Wenatchee School District’s new strategic plan will create opportunity and success for every student. To accomplish this, we will help students overcome barriers, fulfill their potential, and graduate—ready to pursue vocational training, college, or a career.

This new strategic plan is a bold commitment to ensure each student receives rigorous instruction, meets grade-level standards, and is on track to graduate. In the next five years, WSD will focus on providing the opportunities and the support for each student to achieve the “Big 6” future-ready outcomes and keep our promise to build a foundation of diversity, equity, and inclusion from which each student emerges future-ready.  

Wenatchee School District’s new strategic plan is a road map to fulfilling our promise to students. Students come to our schools with unique lived experiences, at different starting points, and in need of individualized attention. The core of our plan is our promise. Our promise acknowledges those realities, and our strategic plan provides a framework within which students’ differences are assets.

The school board approved the final draft of the strategic plan during their October 26 regular meeting. The District will begin rolling out the plan in January 2022 with the first year of implementation starting August 2022.