Address:  112 South Elliott, Wenatchee, WA  98801
Phone:  509-663-7117

Morning sessions: 9:00-11:30
Afternoon sessions: 12:15-2:45

Annika Bibby

Assistant Director

Amy Evitt

Early Childhood Coordinator

About Castle Rock Early Childhood Learning Center/WSD Community Preschool

Wenatchee School District offers preschool for community three and four year olds. This model is called a "peer" model, and the children are integrated into our developmental preschool classes. A district Early Childhood Special Education teacher leads each class, supporting the inclusive setting.

Our community students are enrolled through the district and pay a monthly tuition. Community space is limited. Interested families can contact the Special Education Office at (509) 663-7117.

Children identified with developmental delays are enrolled through the school district and are placed in the classroom according to the child's special education needs.

Address:  112 South Elliott, Wenatchee, WA  98801
Phone:  509-663-7117

Morning sessions: 9:00-11:30
Afternoon sessions: 12:15-2:45

OPEN REGISTRATION FOR THE 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR HAS STARTED. Please stop by the office at Castle Rock Early Childhood Learning Center to pick up a registration packet. Additional required documents include proof of residency in the Wenatchee School District and a copy of your child's birth certificate.

Schedule for the 2020-2021 school year: 

Class Description DAY/TIME

2 sessions per week

Tuition: $100 monthly

T/Th am


3 sessions per week

Tuition: $150 monthly

M  pm, W/F am

4 sessions per week

Tuition: $200 monthly

T/W/Th/F am 

T/W/Th/F  pm

M/T/W/Th pm

A Note From Our Preschool, where learning takes place together and from one another! 

Welcome to Wenatchee School District’s community preschool. Our preschool is not your ordinary preschool, we are so much more. We offer preschoolers, with all levels of ability, the chance to learn together and from one another. What makes us special is that children who attend our preschool are valued, respected, and celebrated everyday as unique individuals. We take the time to encourage children to learn at their own pace and according to their own needs and abilities. We strive to build each child’s self-esteem, confidence, imagination, and desire to learn. Our goal is to provide each child with a fun-filled, quality learning experience, in an integrated preschool setting.

What is an integrated preschool?

Simply put, it is a classroom environment that allows children, with and without disabilities, to interact and have fun while learning. Kids will be friends with others regardless of their differences. Children look for the true values in life - be nice, smile, share, play together.  Children without disabilities - “peer students” - and students with special needs are able to take advantage of the one-of-a-kind experience that integrated classes provide.

Why an integrated program?

Research shows that all children can benefit from being part of an integrated classroom. In fact, children are more likely to learn about the world and be more influenced by other children than by most teachers. It is common to hear stories about the positive influence integrated classrooms have for children with special needs. The experiences are just as plentiful for peer students as they gain an appreciation and awareness of the differences in the world. Even more rewarding is to see that awareness and sensitivity applied to other situations beyond the classroom. There are extraordinary opportunities to develop friendships, compassion, and a deeper understanding of friends with special needs while learning the skills that every child needs to enter kindergarten successfully. Children with special needs in turn develop relationships that help them achieve their goals.

Will my child have a quality preschool experience? 

Yes! Our integrated preschool program offers a well-rounded early childhood education curriculum, using Learning Without Tears as our core curriculum, along with implementing Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) strategies.  Our focus is to have each child ready to enter kindergarten. Teachers are dedicated to provide learning opportunities in the skills areas of pre-literacy, math, science, writing, art and music.  They also focus on physical, social/emotional and self-help development.  Instruction is well balanced between individual, large group, and small groups.  We encourage self-expression through hand-on activities.  Our hope is that children are challenged daily, have their curiosity sparked, and are prepared for school success.

Our certificated teachers are the foundation of our program. Each teacher is dedicated to providing an enriching environment that encourages the most from each learning opportunity.  Our teachers adapt lessons and activities daily for those children who are ahead in their learning as well as for those who need extra help. Our teachers understand that children come to them from different backgrounds, with different experiences.  This means not all children learn the same things, at the same rates and in the same way.  Our teachers strive to enhance each child’s self-esteem and feelings of self worth and dignity. They celebrate diversity and teach respect for the world around us.