Early Childhood Coordinator:   The Early Childhood Coordinator is in charge of coordinating all of the preschool services for the district.  The coordinator supervises and manages the childfind screenings, early childhood special education evaluations, student placements, class schedules, transitions meetings and preschool personnel.

Physical Therapist (PT): A physical therapist provides diagnostic assessments and direct and indirect interventions for individuals with gross motor deficits.

Occupational Therapist (OT): An occupational therapist provides diagnostic assessments and both direct and indirect interventions for individuals with fine motor deficits.

School Nurse: The preschool special education nurse provides assessments and consultations for teachers and families with children with special health needs.

School Psychologist: The preschool school psychologist assesses the cognitive skills of children to determine if they may be eligible for special education services in the area of cognition.  The school psychologist provides consultation to preschool classroom teachers for children with both cognitive needs as well as behavioral needs.

Speech/Language Pathologist (SLP): The preschool SLP's provide both assessments and interventions for children with speech and language concerns.  Also included in the areas that an SLP may provide service include fluency (stuttering), hearing impairments, and voice disorders.

Teacher of the Deaf:  Our Teachers of the Deaf work directly with students and families of children with hearing impairments or who may be deaf.

Teacher of the Visually Impaired: Our Teacher of the Visually Impaired works with children and their families who are identified as visually impaired.