Construction Projects and Lewis & Clark Elementary Events

Construction Projects and Lewis & Clark Elementary Events

Road improvement projects are underway on Princeton Ave. and at Lewis & Clark Elementary (see attached map).

Projects include:

  • Repaving of Princeton Ave.
  • Addition of a new bus drop off/pick up zone
  • Addition of parent drop off/pick up zones on Springwater and Princeton
  • Addition of Princeton crosswalk
  • Sidewalk improvements

Unfortunately, these project may not be fully completed in time for Lewis and Clark’s Ice cream social on Monday, August 27 at 6 p.m. and the first day of school on Wednesday, August 29.

Here’s what parents need to know about parking and pick up/drop off at the school.

Ice Cream Social Parking Information (Monday, August 27)

Princeton Avenue will be closed to through traffic (which runs in front of the school). Paving contractors will be actively paving the street.

School parking lots off of Princeton will not be accessible to parents. Parking at the Valley North Mall is discouraged. There will not be a path for pedestrians to cross Princeton safely.

Street parking is available on Central and Springwater as well as on surrounding residential streets near Lewis and Clark Park. Families are encouraged to walk to school if they live in the surrounding area.

Start of School Pick Up/ Drop Off

Paving work will be completed by the start of school on Wednesday August 29. Princeton Ave. will be reopened to through traffic.

The new bus drop off/pick up zone on Princeton and parent pick up/drop off zones on Princeton and Springwater will be open however, parents and students may encounter uneven gravel surfaces on sidewalks near drop off/pick up locations. Caution is advised.

During the first days of school, the parent pick up/drop off zone on Springwater is preferred.