From the Desk of the Principal

Right to the point... we recently conducted a security survey at our school in an effort to improve safety.  Our findings portrayed that we currently utilize many safety precautions, but still have a few areas we can improve.  I have shared with you in earlier correspondence that starting after spring break, we will be tightening up a few procedures around campus to keep the students, staff, and visitors safe while on school grounds.

*All visitors must check in at the office, print a visitor badge, and have it visible while in the building (even if they are only going to be in the building for a few minutes).

*Exterior doors will be locked during the school day and visitors will be asked to enter only through the front doors to check in.  No longer will we be able to have parents in the hallways waiting for children to be dismissed or walking them down the hallway without a visitor badge.  This is probably the hardest measure to implement because we pride ourselves on inviting our parents into the school building. Before we start really enforcing this, we wanted to give all parents a second notice in hopes that we all could abide by these new safety precautions.

Come fall this will become a reality as the entry-way will require all visitors to be buzzed in with the new safety standards that will be constructed this summer.   

Thank you for your help and willingness to continue improving school safety for our students!

Jeff Jaeger

Mission View Principal