From the Desk of the Principal

March 26, 2020

Dear Mission View Parents,

I just thought I would reach out to share some thoughts with you regarding this mandated closure. I would also like you all to know that we are trying very hard to figure out how to navigate in this virtual world we are currently living in.  We are all exploring ways to keep the communication open from your Mission View family to all of you.

Each grade level here at Mission View is working around the clock to prepare a web page for all parents that have access to the technology to keep you informed during this closure. For those able and willing, let’s come together on social media as a way to keep our whole Mission View family together.  We are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and have a Youtube channel as well.  On our school website, you will find links to staff websites by searching under “Quick Links”.  We truly understand that some, or most of our families have both parents working and realize that this homework help is tough to squeeze into the waking moments that we all have with our families.

I also want you to know how extremely proud I am of this Mission View staff in keeping our Mission Statement… ”Learning for All…Learning For Life” at the forefront of all that we are doing and will continue to do for the coming weeks. We as a Mission View family are still utilizing this time virtually to become even better.   

I am meeting with all of our staff in the morning and they are continuing to work virtually for the remainder of the day to problem solve how to keep the instruction going throughout this closure.  Our district is problem-solving ways to get technology as well as internet access to All of our families.

We have been handing out what we are calling a SWAG bag full of instructional materials for our students.  We have been giving out these materials for Grades 2-5, and Kinder and First Grade materials actually arrived today.  All of this will be available in the drive through in front of Mission View... Monday-Friday from 11:00 AM- 1:00 PM.  

Breakfast and Lunch - We are serving around 200 meals a day here at Mission View and have started a mobile service as of this past Monday.

We do have some packets that were provided for students on Monday before the closure, but with 70% attendance rate that day, we still have some packets here waiting for students. These can be picked up along with the SWAG bags mentioned above.   

Stay safe,

Jeff Jaeger

Elementary Principal