From the Desk of the Principal

November 23, 2020

Marvelous Mission View parents...I hope this letter finds you all well and somewhat adjusting to our new normal.

I wanted to start off with a Kuddo, Mission View jargon for positives. I am totally blown away with the K-2 parents that are delivering or picking up students here at Mission View.  You all have been outstanding in making our drop off or pick work quite well.  Because of you all, we have been able to get our kiddos quickly into the building or deliver them back to your vehicle at the end of their school day.  You are all to thank for that. 

It has been fantastic to have our K-2 scholars back in the building.  They have been doing an amazing job of properly wearing their masks and maintaining social distances while they are here at school. A huge thank you needs to go out to you K-2 parents for your faithful completion of the fast passes and the online attestation. This has allowed us to get our students quickly into the classroom to start their day.

For you grade 3-5 students and parents, you may have heard that we are now requesting the students have their cameras on their devices turned on while they are online in their learning. The reason for this is quite simple...we want what you want... and that is for our students to be engaged in their learning and getting as much learning into the day that we can.  I see my Grade 3-5 teachers pouring their hearts and souls into preparing lessons for their scholars, and how disheartening for myself and the teachers to not see all those Mission View faces on the other end. 

With Thanksgiving Break right around the corner, I just wanted to remind all families that Wednesday will be all online for all grade levels for just the morning session with Thanksgiving break starting at 11:30. There will be no in-person instruction for any students. Mission View would like to wish you all a very safe Thanksgiving holiday. I know my own Thanksgiving holiday is going to look a lot different than any other year with the hope that next Thanksgiving Holidays will be back to normal.

Together...we can get through this!

Signing off for now...Mission View Proud!