School-issued Device Information

School-issued Device Information

The District will be allowing students to keep their school-issued devices over the summer to support continuous learning during the break. Having students keep these devices will allow us to speed up our continuous learning process in the fall when we return to school and provide a device if your student is planning to attend our summer school offerings. Some students may need to return their devices if they are moving, graduating, or transitioning to high school or middle school.

Families Moving out of the District
Families moving out of the District or any family who do not want to be responsible for the device to return their device(s) to their school between June 15th-19th. Details for each school will be communicated directly from the schools.

Senior Return Dates and Information
Seniors will turn in devices on June 16th at Wenatchee High School and at Westside High School on June 11, 16, and 17. Details regarding the senior check-in times will be communicated from the school.  

8th Graders
8th graders at Orchard Middle School will be swapping their iPad for a Chromebook during the last week of school. Details regarding this process will be communicated by Orchard to those 8th-grade families. All 8th graders will take their Chromebook with them to their high school in the fall when we return to school.     

5th Graders
5th graders will return their devices to their elementary school in late August at a date to be determined and communicated by their school. They will have a new device checked out to them when they arrive at their middle school when school starts. 

Holding Fee
All parents who have students with a school district device at home will notice a holding fee in their online account for the replacement cost of the device. You DO NOT need to pay this fee at this time. This fee will only be enforced if the device is not returned to school when school resumes for the 2020-2021 school year.  The holding fee will be removed from your child’s account if we collect the devices at some point in the future. The fee will look like the following - “Penalty if not returned ID: iPad/Chromebook T123456” 

Parental Control of the Internet on District devices.  
Did you know you can control sites and content on your student’s device from your phone?  If you are wanting to limit time on YouTube or other sites, block sites, or allow certain sites you can.  Information regarding Securly Parents is on our support page at

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