Frequently Asked Questions about Athletics

Question: When are different sports offered during the year?
  The sport season dates are set each year.  Refer to the ”Sports Season Dates”  for exact starting dates of each sport.

Question: What are the typical team practice times and days?
Answer: Generally, practices are held Monday-Friday. Practice times vary, but are usually after school for two hours for 7th and 8th grade students and one hour for 6th grade students. Some sports will practice in the morning before school, times TBD.

Question: What is required before my student can participate?
Answer: The following must be on file with the Athletic Secretary: A physical signed by a physician in the last 13 months, proof of insurance coverage, emergency contact information, concussion information sheet, sport specific safety code and warning, and the athletic code.  A $15 ASB fee must also be purchased.  All forms are available in the main office.

Question: What are the academic responsibilities for athletes to be eligible?
Answer:  Students participating in the in-district programs must be passing at least 5 of their 7 classes.  Students in the traveling League programs must be passing all classes.

Question: How does my son or daughter get to and from practice?
Answer: Most practices are directly after school at Orchard.  Parents only need to pick up their student promptly after practice.  Students and parents are encouraged to carpool.  Some teams practice at Wenatchee High School and must be picked up there after practice.

Question: How does my student get to and from contests?
Answer: The school district transports athletes by bus to and from all competitions. If a parent wants to transport their son/daughter home following a contest, permission must be granted in writing prior to the day of the game.  Fill out a “Departure from Group” form available in the office or on-line under the “clearance forms” button above.

Question: How are the teams decided and divided?
Answer: There is a tryout period at the start of the season. Teams are then divided into “A” team and “B” team by grade levels. Students do move up and down from team to team on occasion.

Question: How will I know about changes, rain-outs, or cancellations?
Answer: Call the Orchard office at (509) 662-7745 if unsure. It is our goal to communicate cancellations and other events via our website also.

Question: Sports like Tennis, Cross Country and Swimming turn out at Wenatchee H.S.  How do the kids get to practice and then home?
Answer: Athletes are bussed to Wenatchee H.S after school for some practices. Parents need to pick students up at Wenatchee High School after practice is over.  Students and parents are encouraged to carpool from their neighborhoods.

Question: What if my student is not at school the day of a practice or contest?
Answer:  Students must be in attendance at school for at least 4 periods to be eligible to participate in that day’s practice or contest.  If your student is ill, please e-mail the coach to let him know your child will be missing that days activities.

Question:  What other schools do Orchard athletic teams compete against?
Answer:  7th and 8th grade teams belong to the North Central Washington Middle School League.  The league is composed of the following other nine schools:  Pioneer and Foothills Middle Schools from Wenatchee, Eastmont Junior High from East Wenatchee, Cashmere Middle School, Chelan Middle School, Icicle River Middle School from Leavenworth, Quincy Junior High, and Frontier and Chief Moses Middle Schools from Moses Lake.  Teams sometimes arrive back at school as late as 8 PM from Moses Lake games.  The 6th grade teams at Orchard compete only against the other Wenatchee School District Middle Schools, Pioneer and Foothills.  All 6th grade games usually end by 5:30 PM at the latest.

Question: What if my child loses or damages part of his/her uniform?
Answer: All uniforms and equipment checked out to the student are the responsibility of the student.  Any uniform or equipment that is lost will be billed to the student at replacement cost.  A student may not participate in another sport, until all equipment issues have been resolved.