Valley Academy of Learning Staff

Julie Banken

ALE Teacher - Environmental Studies and Washington State History

Bob Brown

Vet Science and Woodworking

Shawna Hawkins

Art & Literature

Wendy Hulse

Spanish, Music

Darrell Jackson

Technical Support Specialist I

Washington, Castlerock Early Childhood Learning Center, Valley Academy

Tamara Lambert

ALE Teacher - K-1 Block and various others

James Lang

Utility Custodian

Greg Lovercamp

Program Administrator

Renee Merrill

Assistant Secretary/Library

Colleen Miller

PE and Fischertechnik

Donna Payne

Reading, Science and Parent Resource

Julie Robinson


Foothills Middle School, Valley Academy, WV Technical Skills Center, Castlerock Early Childhood Learning Center, WIA

Jessica Sagerser

Middle School Math

Valley Academy of Learning

Kelly Smothers

Middle School ELA & History, Art

Kathleen Welsh