Learning Improvement Team

LIT Norms


  • Agendas will be emailed in advance for staff access
  • Be prepared; review the agenda in advance
  • Send out information in advance to LIT Members
  • Place norms on the reverse side of the agenda
  • Identify agenda items with approximate time frames

Meeting Norms

  • Arrive on time to begin at 3:05
  • Approve minutes from the previous meeting
  • End on time by 4:30
  • Identify a recorder and alternate responsibility
  • Stay focused on the topic - no side bar conversations
  • Listen to and show respect for the view of others
  • Encourage active participation from all members


  • Check for understanding prior to making a decision
  • Make a decision or table it
  • 2/3 majority for decisions of those team members or designees present

Following Meetings

  • Minutes will be posted on Moodle
  • Minutes will be approved at the next LIT Meeting
  • Team Leaders review meeting notes with teams

2019-2020 Learning Improvement Team

  • Parent Representative:
  • Classified Representative:  Deb Lewin
  • Kindergarten Rep: Erin Reiber
  • 1st Grade Rep:  Renee Wilkens
  • 2nd Grade Rep:  Stefanie Anguiano
  • 3rd Grade Rep:  Jill Reinfeld
  • 4th Grade Rep:  Terry Gillespie
  • 5th Grade Rep: Tracy Walsh
  • Specialist Rep:  Shayne Rennie
  • Instructional Coach:  Amy Dilley
  • Principal:  Keith Collins