Board Reception to Honor Retirees

The public is invited to a School Board Retirement Reception on Tuesday, June 5 at 5:30 PM at the District Office, 235 Sunset Avenue.

Congratulations to the retirees of 2018, and thank you for your service!

Cheri Dundas, 2nd grade teacher, John Newbery Elementary                 
Teri Fink, district communications officer            
Randy Graham, math teacher, Orchard Middle School 
Carolyn Griffin-Bugert, district grants administrator
Sandra Harmening, intervention specials, John Newbery Elementary
Johnette Hessburg, resource room teacher, John Newbery Elementary 
William “Grant” Johnson, district plumber
Evelyn Kellogg, special education teacher, Foothills Middle School
Kenneth Krebs, lead custodian, Columbia Elementary School
Dave Leishman, custodian, Columbia Elementary School
Timothy Lynch, history, English and PE teacher, WestSide High School
Cheryl Martinez, music teacher, Sunnyslope Elementary School
Nancy McGuire, district grants secretary
Dennis Parks, food service driver
Ronald Reeves, health/fitness teacher, Wenatchee High School
Soyla Reyna-Smith, kindergarten teacher, John Newbery Elementary
Peggy Ronhovde, math teacher, WestSide High School
Les Scott, lead custodian, Foothills Middle School
Jodi Smith Payne, Assistant Superintendent of Learning and Teaching
Denese Sollom, special education teacher, Lincoln Elementary School
Les Vandervort, Chief Financial Officer