Highly Capable Inventors Place at State

Ten students in Wenatchee School District’s Highly Capable program placed in the “Invent Washington” state competition.

Ten students in Wenatchee School District’s Highly Capable program placed in the “Invent Washington” state competition on May 30th at North Central High School in Spokane. Over 150 students from Washington State participated in the competition.

The event was part of Invent Washington, a competition among the state’s highly capable (HiCap), also called gifted students, to introduce them to the inventive thinking process.

“We’re training the kids to think like inventors,” explains Gail Gilbert, HiCap teacher at Sunnyslope Elementary. “First they have to decide what problem they would like to solve, and then how they would go about solving it.”

The five categories for the inventions were: working models, non-working models, adaptations, gadgets & games and Jules Verne. “The Jules Verne Invention of the future is something that we don’t have the technology for today,” says Gilbert. “Like a flying car, for example. But they have the idea of how one would work.”

Students were required to make a three-dimensional model or an actual invention. They had to keep an Inventor’s Journal that documented the process of creating the invention, and the cost of materials couldn’t go higher than $20.

Join us in congratulating these innovative inventors for their success.

3rd/4th Grade – Working Models

  • 1st Place – Caden Cummings, Lewis and Clark, Portable Pocket Fountain
  • 5th/6th Grade – Working Models
  • 2nd Place – Kirk Nelson, Sunnyslope, Slinky Snorkel

3rd/4th Grade – Non-Working Models

  • 1st Place – Zoey Whiting, Newbery, Feed ‘Em

3rd/4th Grade – Adaptations

  • 1st Place – Emily Darwood, Washington, The Helping Handle
  • 2nd Place – Molly Coonfield, Washington, Backseat Radio with GPS

5th/6th Grade - Adaptations

  • 2nd Place – Weston Schwilke, Lincoln Elementary, R.S. Tires

5th/6th Grade – Jules Verne

  • 3rd Place – Jason Jacoby, John Newbery, Storm Surge

3rd/4th Grade - Games

  • 2nd Place – Cooper Meek, Washington, Zombie Mower
  • 3rd Place – Ella Gebers, Sunnyslope, B.A.T.

5th/6th Grade – Games

  • 2nd Place – Liam Willett, Sunnyslope, Oh, Scrap