Wenatchee Learns Invitation to Continue our Conversation

Wenatchee Learns Invitation to Continue our Conversation

We invite you to continue the conversation started with Wenatchee Learns by talking with us through ThoughtExchange, an online space to share ideas about learning in Wenatchee, and to see what others are thinking. Please go online at:  http://wsd.thoughtexchange.com/invitation

Wenatchee Learns is an approach to local education that includes the voices of everyone who lives, works or studies in our community. It brings students, citizens and learning professionals together to design the future of learning – and to participate in building and supporting that future. It's based on open communication and it's designed to become an enduring part of our community. Please join us in transforming Wenatchee from a city with schools to a whole learning community. 

The world is changing fast around the globe and here in Wenatchee, forcing many of us to adapt the way we live and work to shifts in technology, culture and economics. Our school district is no exception. We know that if our students are to thrive after graduation, we must do a better job preparing them for the future.

But we can’t do it alone. We need the help of our community to expand our vision of what’s possible and focus our efforts on what matters most. You are in the position to understand not only what students are experiencing but what life and work are about beyond high school. 

Currently there is a way for us to learn what you care about and why – which will allow us to guide our district based on what’s important to our community.  This community input is our way of collecting feedback on our current progress toward our vision and will guide further development of our strategic plan. It’s all part of our community-driven approach to planning for and supporting education, called Wenatchee Learns.

Please reply online at http://wsd.thoughtexchange.com/invitation by May 20th or drop the enclosed postcard in the mail by May 13th so we have time to read your input, align the feedback into themes, and allow you to contribute to the next round of feedback in May.

Thank you for your help!