Congratulations to Retiring Teachers and Staff

Congratulations to Retiring Teachers and Staff

Congratulations to the teachers and staff who are retiring! These are the people who have dedicated their lives to making learning personal in the Wenatchee School District, and to helping all students succeed.

Name, School, Years of Service in the Wenatchee School District

Teresa Anderberg, Orchard Science Teacher, 2002-2016

Debra Baker, Newbery 2nd Grade Teacher, 2004-2016

Brenda Benoit, John Newbery/Columbia Music Teacher, 1999-2015

Christine Burns, Mission View Intervention Teacher, 1993-2016

Chet Cockrill, Wenatchee High School Math Teacher, 1983-2016

Linda Dimmitt, School Nurse, 2000-2016

Nancy Duffey, Director of State and Federal Programs, 1991-2016

Patti Eggleston, Assistant Director of Special Education, 1983-2016

Cynthia Hendrickson, Newbery 2nd Grade Teacher, 1996-2016

Christopher Jeffris, Wenatchee High School Special Education Teacher, 1984-2016

Christi Lewis, Mission View Special Education Teacher, 1998-2016

Doug Lewis, Washington 2nd Grade Teacher, 1993-2016

Susan Miller, Special Education Instructional Coach, 1992-2016

Suzanne Porter, Mission View Kindergarten Teacher, 1996-2016

Louise Rasmussen, Newbery and Preschool Speech Language Pathologist, 2013-2016

Julie Taylor, Mission View Intervention Teacher, 1997-2016

Thomas Tilton, Pioneer and Orchard Counselor, 2012-2016

Rick Williams , Foothills Technology Teacher, 1990-2016

Neil Zobel, Wenatchee High School English Teacher, 1999-2016

Maggie Bailey, Vocational Director’s Secretary, 1984-2016

Kathy Gregory, Special Education Para-Professional, 1996-2016

Marcia Hahn, Director of Transportation, 2005-2016

Kathy Hampton, District Assistant Accountant, 2003-2016

Timothy Schott, Mechanic and Trades, 1982-2016

Susan Wright, Transportation Para-Educator, 1994-2015