It's Taste Washington Day when schools connect with local farmers for a delicious lunch!

It's Taste Washington Day when schools connect with local farmers for a delicious lunch!

Wenatchee School District students are in for a treat today -- it's Taste Washington Day —a celebration of schools connecting with local farms to make the most of our bountiful fall harvest. October is “Farm to School Month.”

WSDA Farm to School and the Washington School Nutrition Association (WSNA) partner to sponsor Taste Washington Day, an annual celebration of Washington grown foods served in school meals during the fall harvest season.  Schools connect with local farms to make the most of our bountiful fall harvest, and use Taste Washington Day to kick-off  “Farm to School Month."

This year, Wenatchee High School senior Moses Lurbur grew and harvested tilapia that will be served as a fish taco, alongside pure country pork from Gebbers Farms, brined organic golden beets and carrots from Cloudview EcoFarms, and fresh plums, pears and apples from Smithson Ranch.

Here are the menus for all of the schools today.

Chef Valerie Gray, high school kitchen manager, and her team will also be preparing:

·      Pure Country Pork and Gebbers (Ephrata, WA) Beef Sliders on Foothills Middle School Custom Scratch-Made Whole Grain Mini Buns (try saying that fast three times!)

·      Roasted Draper Valley (Mount Vernon, WA) Chicken Drumsticks

·      Brined Organic Golden Beets and Carrots (Cloudview EcoFarms, Royal City WA) Brined in house by Valerie Gray, Chef/Kitchen Manager, WHS

·      Fresh Pluots, Golden Plums, Pears and Apples from Smithson Ranch, (Peshastin and American Produce Express, Omak 

All Elementary Schools:


·      Yami yogurt - (Auburn Dairies - Auburn, WA)

·      Whole Grain Cinnamon Bread Sticks - Using WA Grown, Shepherd Grain Flour. Made from scratch by our Amazing Bakers, Charlie Seton and Deb Kelly!


·      White Chicken Chili - With Truitt Family Foods Beans, Grown in Quincy, WA. Recipe developed and prepared by our cook of  "Massive-Quantities” Sego Rankin! 

·      Whole Grain Corn Bread - WA Grown, Shepherd Grain Flour (Once again, made from scratch by our in-house bakers)

·      Apple Wedges - American Produce Express, Omak, WA

·      Organic Carrot Coins - Cloudview Eco Farms, Royal City, WA

·      Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Bar featuring other locally grown selections


Orchard Middle School:

Paula Danielsen, Orchard Middle School Kitchen Manager

The flavors of Mexico!

·      Orange Ancho Savory Pork Burritos

·      Chicken Burrito Mojado

·      Mexican Street-Style Roasted Sweet Corn with Cotija and Fresh Cilantro

·      Roasted Chipotle Lime Butternut Squash from Grower Sue Gasbar, Cashmere, WA

All Entrees are served with our Farm Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Bar Featuring local Greens, Kholhabi, and Carrots —Organic Produce from Cloudview Ecofarms. Also, fresh, crunchy Mexican Cabbage slaw-Shaved Zucchini & Pepita salad w/ lime, garlic and cilantro (brined, in-house by Chef Paula Danielson, OMS Chef/Kitchen Manager)

Salad Entrées: 

·      Chicken, Quinoa, Mango, Avocado & Black Bean Salad tossed with Lime, Olive oil, and Cilantro  

·      A Sriracha Cobb Salad (local Cherry tomatoes, Black beans, Greens) with Sriracha Ranch Dressing

Soup of the Day:

A Rich, Hearty Mexican Beef Stew made with Gebbers Beef (Brewster WA)

Guest Farmer:

OMS Guest Farmer is Laura Smith From Pure Country (Ephrata, WA) 


Foothills Middle School:

Thera Judd, Foothills Middle School Kitchen Manager

·      Spaghetti Squash w/ Italian Style Meat Sauce using Gebber Beef (Brewster, WA) and Sue Gaspar's Spaghetti Squash (Cashmere, WA)

·      Whole Grain Garlic Bread Sticks - Scratch, of course! Using Shepherd Grain Whole Wheat Flour grown in Eastern WA.

·      Scratch Beef & Bean Burritos - w/Gebbers Beef and Triutt Family Foods beans

·      Scratch Cabbage Salsa - Cloudview EcoFarm Organic Veggies

Guest Farmer:

Gebbers Beef (Brewster, WA) who supplied our ground beef for the meal today!

Smithson Ranch (Peshastin, WA


Pioneer Middle School:

Jan Holmer, Pioneer Middle School Kitchen Manager

Mexican cuisine:

·      Pork Street Tacos -Pork from Pure Country Pork

·      Refried black Beans-Beans from Truitt Bros

·      Spicy Pickled Carrots-Cloudview Eco Farm

·      Cilantro onion relish-Onion from Cloudview Eco Farm

·      Roasted Butternut Squash soup-squash from Susan Gasbar Our fruit and vegetable bar is full of locally grown carrots and  apple slices.

·      Our bushel baskets are full of several varieties of local apples...some very unusual heirlooms too!

Farmer Sue Gasbar will be at Pioneer with a table full of squash for the kids to sample. “We also have a huge hubbard squash that kids can pick up and guess the weight,” says Jan Holmer, Kitchen Manger, “But in order to do this, they must sample some squash.”