Principal's Page

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Thank you for checking our WestSide website and the Principal page specifically.  I want to share with you some of the reasons why I am so fortunate to be here at WestSide. During my eight years as a classroom teacher, I found that I gradually grew more and more concerned with the struggling students. Why were they not performing up to standard? Why were they not turning in assignments? Why is their homework never complete? After completing my administrative credentials, I began organizing the summer school for the high school and worked intimately with students who struggled and began to realize the immense number of variables that led to each student’s particular set of concerns. My curiosity and appreciation for the abilities of all students grew even more in the 2006/07 school year where my sole job was to help students who were failing to meet standard. In addition, the past four years at WHS as Assistant Principal, I have worked very closely with students who have unique needs as well as developing systemic programs to help combat the issues. This evolution and personal growth coupled with the time I have already spent at WestSide working with the staff and students has created a deep desire for me to be part of the family.

One other very important item that you must all realize about me is that my main focus is student success at all costs. During the past five years much of the time and effort within my job and continuing education has been devoted to finding ways to improve student success through creating intervention programs, researching proactive elements such as smaller learning communities, finding creative ways to motivate students to learn, and actively increasing attendance. Knowing full well the kinds of social, emotional, and physical obstacles that each and every one of our students overcome every time they show up to school continually helps me jump out of bed each day to be the smiling face and hopefully a symbol of hope for that student. If they can overcome their obstacles, then I owe it to them to get out of my clean bed, take my warm shower, drink my morning coffee, and create a welcoming environment for them to learn. I highly respect the unique opportunity that WestSide offers students who are willing to step up to the challenges and accept the help and guidance the staff can offer them.

You need to know how excited I am about becoming part of WestSide’s history and helping keep such a great school succeeding and striving for continual gains in the future. Not only do we have an amazing program of general academics and a solid core content program, the night program allows students a glimmer of hope when the burdens of life demand employment, and our ELL program challenges students to attempt to master the language in an efficient and productive way! I have always felt at home and comfortably embraced by the staff here at WestSide and I look forward to strengthening those relationships even more by working one on one with each staff member daily.