Principal's Page

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WestSide Motto: "Changing Minds, Changing Lives, One at a Time"

WestSide Mission: “Our mission is to create an environment that provides hope, builds strong relationships, fosters deep academic learning, and REALIZES our full potential.”

Thank you for checking our WestSide website and the Principal page specifically. WestSide High School is just a special place for all who attend and those of us priviledged enough to work here and appreciate the amazing students who come to us. 

Our staff is caring and compassionate and we will never give up on a student. Student success at all costs. Knowing full well the kinds of social, emotional, and physical obstacles that each and every one of our students overcome every time they show up to school continually helps our staff create a warm and welcomgin environment for each student. If they can overcome their obstacles, then we owe it to them to create a welcoming environment for them to learn. We highly respect the unique opportunity that WestSide offers students who are willing to step up to the challenges and accept the help and guidance the staff can offer them.

You need to know how honored we are to be part WestSide’s history and helping keep such a great school succeeding and striving for continual gains in the future. Not only do we have an amazing program of general academics and a solid core content program, the Night, CAP and ROC programs allow students a glimmer of hope when the burdens of life demand employment, and our ELL program challenges students to attempt to master the language in an efficient and productive way! WestSide is a family and we are so happy you are sharing your students with us and we promise to nurture them and help them grow into the amazing young adults they aspire to become.